WiFi problems after updating KitKat 4.4

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asked May 7, 2015 in Computer by anonymous

After upgrading to 4.4 all my Nexus (4, 7 & 10) have problems with wireless devices, all worked fine before the upgrade. After some downtime lose the wireless connection and can only be reactivated after restarting the device.
The Nexus 7 now will not connect to Wi-Fi throughout, can mount the wireless switch to 'on' in the configuration but still will not wifis available (see screenshot).
Nobody this experience? Any idea how to solve it? No wifi device is pretty useless.
Screenshot (click image for larger version)

1 Answer

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answered May 7, 2015 by anonymous

I found out what the problem was: in each device was only 'battery saver' installed applications. The devices are in my workplace, so I'm not the only person using them and someone must have the application installed. I did not care for them until now and never did any harm, but somehow must have interfered with the new Android 4.4. After uninstalling all is well on all devices :)
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