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How to fix google chrome high memory usage

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I know that is unrelated cache memory (for basics of running an OS), but they have cleared the cache ?, since entering a site, the browser should look for if you have previous information on the site and rescue, if so necessary, the cached information, which is disk access, and this is generally slower than RAM access.
The second is to see that your OS is clean and processes also are optimal, since usually shooting against the browser, but sometimes we have processes (call MSN or Skype or whatever) that occupy a large portion of our RAM, using virtual memory (or swap in Linux), which is writing data to disk, and as I said, is slow.
Suggest, either, to see the resources they occupy and if they have RAM to run ... and above all, keep the updated browser as Chrome 6 for quite a while longer the last;)
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enter the Task Manager  of Chrome and see what those processes.

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When multiple tabs open in Chrome add more processes in the task manager and the PC slows down too much, consuming many resources when youtube videos displayed, I'm thinking of changing browser and happen to Firefox 4 or Opera. Solve this problem


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Google Chrome has never liked me, consume more RAM than Firefox and Internet Explorer. In addition, Firefox is a fairly full browser plugins, scripts and also is fast. When you open a new tab in Chrome, it is as if a new program and encourage it decreases system performance and force more CPU cache. Contrary to Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer, all tabs are focused on a process.Now, if we have a team with little RAM best use Opera, it is fairly light, while having many tabs open.
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