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how to change android wireless name

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How do I change the name on my Android?
One user told us, I rename devices Apple and Windows, but I can not do it with my Android. I can rename the Blutooth, but no Wi-Fi. AS I DO?
You can get the names change, but after researching it appears that in some Android devices can not be renamed. There are options that allow you to specify how they see the other devices to your smartphone. As some know what they can do the name change in the configuration with Wi-Fi, this is once you reached the configuration screen Wi-Fi, pressing on your Android boten Options and select "rename ". The process is similar for most Android devices, but there are phones that do not work this way.
When you set up a Wi-Fi access, you can also change the name of the device, the settings of the network, with a few simple adjustments.
If you can not do it this way I recommend (for those who have the roteado cell) reduction Change Hostname this application from Google Play so they can easily edit what you tell them.
This app works as we can see in these images.

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