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how to change android open with

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It is no secret that for the performance of the same functions in the operating system Android can be multiple applications - warranted a huge range of applications in Google Play Store . How many applications one calendar or PDF-reader. Today I'll show you how to set up a program that will be used by default for certain actions.

Suppose you have just installed Google Calendar application from Google Play. The operating system Android has a built-in calendar, so when you try to open a calendar note system will such a dialog box:
Of course, it is possible each time to manually select the desired program, but this is not necessary! Android allows it to automatically open the application that you need. So, to do this in the dialog box you need to check the " Set as Default ", and then open the desired program. Operating system "remembers" your choice, and then you do not need to do it manually.
But it does happen that you inadvertently chose not the application in the dialog box. And it can be corrected. Go to "Menu" -> "Settings" -> "Applications".
Then find the "mistake" of the selected application and click on it. A dialog box you need to waste a little, reaching the point " Run by default . " Then click on "Clear defaults".
So you will lose all your settings and the next time you run the OS Android again give you the familiar dialog box asking you to select the desired application. Here you do not have to make a mistake. As you can see, the process of installing the default application is absolutely not complicated and does not require any specific knowledge. I hope you will succeed!

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