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How to change Google Play Store account

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Need to know c omo change the Google Play Store account ? You are in the right place. It is no secret to anyone that if we want to acquire an Android service or application, the first thing we must have is an associated account on our phone. Account that also serves to verify that you are the owner of the mobile, in case you have to restore the device to its factory settings, due to this it is of utmost importance that you remember what your account is.

In the event that you are using multiple accounts, it would be recommended that you replace them with an account that you know you will be using frequently. Now you may want to change or modify your Google account, how do we do it? Well that's what we will answer in this article, so stay with us and you will learn more about it.


How to replace or modify my Google account on Android

Actually, many people find this process of changing their Google account cumbersome, when the truth is that this procedure is not the greatest thing. But let's see how it is done.

Change account in Google

As we already mentioned this is an extremely easy process, it is not a big deal, just follow the steps as we will explain.

  1. Head to Settings> Accounts> Google Accounts.
  2. Touch the existing Google account and select delete account, and press "accept" to confirm your decision. After this, enter the password of your device to finish deleting the account.
  3. Now press the "Back" key and click "Add Account."
  4. Select "Google Account", enter your email address and click "next".

You will do the aforementioned process if you want to replace an account.

Account creation in Google

If you have purchased your device and do not know how to create a Google account, follow these steps:

  1. Head to Settings> Accounts> Google Accounts
  2. Click on "Create a new account", and follow the instructions.
  3. Enter the password you want.
  4. Click on "next" and accept the conditions.

In this simple way you already have a Google account associated with your phone.

What to do if I have multiple accounts on Google, but I want to put one as the main one

Well, we told you that there are several ways to do it, which are simple and short, and frankly it is not the first time that this topic arises, since many people do not know how to organize the small chaos that is generated by having several associated Google accounts. to device.

However, it is worth noting that when we talk about a main account, we are referring to that account in which we can configure all the essential aspects in the use of an Android device; which covers the applications, purchases and settings you want to make.

But more specifically, how can we do it? We already explained it to you.

How to place a Google account as main

There are people who have up to three associated accounts and each one fulfills its specific function, even so it is always good to keep one that is more important, and the way to do it is as follows.

  1. Login or log in first with this account when including them on Android, the first account you log in will automatically be your main account.

So in summary, you simply have to choose it over other accounts. The other accounts will not stop working, yes, when using them you just have to select the one you prefer.

Well, in such a simple and clear way you can either modify or change your Google account, there is no reason to get entangled since, as we mentioned, this is not difficult at all. But well we hope that what is analyzed will serve you and you can share it with more people.

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