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Has your mobile got wet? Tips and solutions

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Has your mobile got wet?  This is a pretty desperate situation that presents itself to many people. Especially since the phone has become our inseparable companion that we even want to take it very close to the water such as baths, swimming pools, beaches. Although our device is not equipped with IPS protection. Of course, there are also cases such as a rainy day, we get completely wet and forget the mobile phone in our pants pocket, the worst thing of all is that this happens to us and we don't even realize what happened, until it's too late.

Now the big question arises, what do we do? Well, what is essential is to stay calm in order to think clearly. And of course we have to immediately remove the phone from the water. But now yes, let's talk about what we can do to try to save our device.


Tips or solutions to save your mobile wet

As impossible as it may seem if there are solutions to this problem, and the best thing is that they are an element that you can find in your home and that they are so effective that they can leave your phone with little or no damage. Let's see below some tips or solutions if your mobile has gotten wet.

First aid if your mobile phone has gotten wet

  1. Do not press any button or key.
  2. If it was off, don't turn it on
  3. Don't shake it, much less put pressure on it.

What to do after?

  1. Do not blow it, as the water could reach other parts that were not planned.
  2. Do not apply any kind of heat on it. Which obviously implies not putting it in the microwave. Nothing like that
  3. If the phone was on, turn it off immediately, and place it in an upright position.
  4. Quickly remove the MicroSD card and SIM card.
  5. If possible remove the battery. And the removable lids without unscrewing anything.


  1. Dry everything you can at that time very well.
  2. Using a towel or a cloth, start drying it carefully. What we do not want is for the water to reach other areas.
  3. In this case you can use a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove the water.
  4. Find a plastic bag.
  5. Fill it with raw rice, since rice is good at absorbing liquids.
  6. Just leave it there for at least 24 continuous hours or more.

You can also buy a drying bag, you could get them at any electronics store.


Another solution could be

  1. Put it in the sun with the screen down; You will do this if you don't have the rice on hand.
  2. Do not leave it for long as overheating could damage the screen.
  3. Even to avoid that you can place a fan at a certain distance not too close, since that will help it to dry, because it emulates the wind.

Absorbs moisture with sand

  1. Place your phone in cat litter.
  2. Cat litter is designed to absorb moisture. And it was found to be very effective when these situations arise.
  3. Then clean the cell phone with a small brush. Do not use alcohol to clean it, doing so would damage the phone if the alcohol touches the inner plate.

In the end when you think you are satisfied with the result try to turn on the device. You must remember that these solutions may work, none are infallible, so even if the device survives it does not guarantee its full functionality, since the microphones and speakers are quite sensitive. It is even possible that even if you manage to remove all the moisture from the device, there will always be some oxidation on the internal elements and eventually your mobile will stop working.

Of course, in the best case, nothing will happen and you will continue using your mobile for a long time.

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