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Error 907 in Google Play Store: what it is and how to fix it

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Part of what makes smartphones such a great tool for an average 21st century person is the fact that you can do pretty much anything with them, and for that you need a virtual store that allows you to access all the tools what do you need. Google Play Store is an extremely essential platform for all users who have the Android system on their Smartphones. This is the safest way to download applications without compromising the functions of your phone.

However, you may encounter certain errors that may prevent you from successfully downloading your apps. Among those errors is error 907, which is usually a very annoying error, since it prevents you from downloading tools that can be very valuable to you within the store.


What is error 907 in Google Play Store

This is an error that prevents you from downloading all the apps you want to have on your mobile. Error 907 can occur when you don't have enough memory on your phone to download those valuable tools, when the latest updated version of Google Play doesn't match your phone, or it could be due to cache of files that are mysteriously conflicting Google Play.

In general, Error 907 is a general term for when Google Play experiences a problem altering or adding an app to your device. This error seems not to have a single way to generate it, in itself there are many ways by which your phone can present this error. Among the main reasons, it can be the cache, which many times is not completely erased, always leaving certain folders that can cause problems to download other apps.

Another of the common reasons why this error usually occurs, is because the Google Play Store updates automatically, and if the update caused any conflict with your phone, this will probably prevent you from downloading more apps. Also having the applications in an SD memory that presents some damage, can cause your download platform to generate the error 907.

Solutions for error 907 in Google Play

The solutions to this problem are very simple, but you should know that there is no single solution. So here at Celulares.pro we are going to teach you the different ways in which you can give an accurate solution to error 907, in a few simple steps.

Clear Google Play caches

Sometimes, there is data that Google Play Store is saving that may conflict with an application you are trying to download or update. Clearing the Google Play Store cache is an easy way to fix the error. To do this, you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to Settings or settings of your phone
  2. Select Applications and go to the search bar.
  3. Type in the Google Play Store search bar so you can quickly get the application, since all the apps that are inside your phone are contained in this area.
  4. Quickly press the Clear Cache icon and let your phone completely erase the browsing history so that Google Play Store can work again.
  5. Restart your phone so that it can make the relevant changes so that you can again download or update your favorite applications.
  6. Go back to Google Play Store and try to download or update an app to verify that error 907 disappeared completely from your Smartphone.

If this step failed to correct the error, rest assured, there are still other options that may be your case.

Delete the latest update from Google Play Store

Although the developers try to keep the devices and their applications perfectly compatible with each other, sometimes our devices generate certain problems when these updates arrive, and hence the error 907 is generated. To correct this problem, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings or Configuration
  2. Search for applications and there you will find Google Play Store
  3. Click on the Google Play Store icon and look for Uninstall Updates , this way the platform will go to a previous version and there you can test if the problem has already been solved.
  4. Go back to the Google Play Store and try updating an app or looking to download an app to see if the problem has been solved.
  5. If you already saw that the problem ended, then update the Google Play Store again because this way you will be able to acquire new updates and download apps that are only available for the latest versions.

With this step, error 907 should have been solved, if it is not the case, then we are going to try another option that has to do with external memory.

Pass apps to internal phone storage

Sometimes the problem is not in the amount of storage it has on your device, but where the app is stored: either on your phone or on your SD card. Specifically, if you keep your app on your SD card for storage reasons, updates can sometimes be a bit confusing. Fortunately, there is a simple way to fix the problem.

  1. Go to Settings or Settings of your phone
  2. Select Applications and scroll down to find the application that is causing the conflict when updating.
  3. Select this application and choose the Move to Phone option to change the storage.
  4. Once your device has completed the change, go back to the Google Play Store and try to update the app again. After the update, you can simply move your app back to your SD card if you want. Please note, however, that you may have to repeat this process for each update if your app's storage location is responsible for your update issues.

If these steps have finally helped you install or update the application, then enjoy that satisfying game or want the application you wanted so much to use.

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