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How to recover deleted contacts from mobile

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One of the comforts that we have when using a mobile phone is to be able to save the phone numbers of our relatives and acquaintances. And so we can forget about the phone books forever. However, it must be recognized that we may lose some contacts, whether we have completely reset the phone or accidentally deleted some contacts. What can be done in this situation? In this article we will show you how to recover deleted contacts from your mobile , regardless of whether your device is Android or iOS.

Recover contacts from Android

Before performing the recovery of your contacts, you must make sure that your Google account (Gmail) has Contacts synchronization active, to do this, just do the following

  1. Access the Settings app on your phone (also called Settings on other devices)
  2. From it, look for the Accounts section
  3. Select your Google account and view its settings, touching it


4. From your settings, verify that the account has the Synchronize Contacts section activated.


5. In case you see that the section is deactivated, activate it just by touching it

Once you have activated this section, you can recover your contacts in the following way:

  1. Open your phone's browser, preferably Google Chrome
  2. Enter the Google.com page and enter the applications of your Gmail account that is represented by a grid (note that for this you must have accessed the Google.com page) * image
  3. From it, enter the Contacts section .
  4. Doing this will direct you to a page called Google Contacts.
  5. Open the menu, identified with three lines located in the upper left corner and select the More section .
  6. Tap the Undo Changes option .
  7. Select which changes you want to undo (10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, Yesterday, 1 Week ago or Custom) depending on the period in which you have lost contact, once you have selected one of the options, touch Confirm.

Once this is done, you will have already restored all your deleted contacts. This procedure can be done both from your mobile phone and from the computer.

* To access the Google.com page with your Google account, do the following from the page, select the Login section and enter the information that will be requested ( Username and Password ).


Note: Please note, this procedure will work if the contact you deleted is saved in your Google account (Gmail).

Recover contacts from iOS

Keep in mind that, if you have an iPhone and want to recover your contacts, you must carry out this procedure using your PC and follow these steps:

  1. From your PC's browser, access the iCloud page
  2. Once this is done, you will have to log in to it
  3. After logging in, go to the Settings section . image
  4. From it, slide down to the Advanced tab and select the Restore Contacts option . image
  5. Once this is done, all the backup copies of your contacts will be displayed.
  6. To finish, just select the backup you want to restore and you will have already recovered the contacts that you have previously deleted on your iPhone .

Note: Backups of your iPhone contacts are made automatically.

As you have seen, recovering the contacts that you have deleted or lost on your phone, be it Android or iOS is very easy to do, you just have to follow the steps that were shown previously and you can recover them. This information is expected to be useful to you.

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