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How to disable Google Assistant or Google Assistant

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The Google Assistant ( Google Assistant ) is a tool that in a few words was created to make our lives easier, at least within the time we spend when using the device where it is activated.

Using text or voice command, this utility can: answer questions, give updated news, perform actions for us and even offer us forms of recreation, such as games. However, this may not be of interest to a group of users, especially those who like to do things manually.

This is why the following explains how to disable the Google Assistant, both on tablets and mobile devices.


Disable Google Assistant on a smartphone

There are many reasons why we would want to deactivate the Google assistant, some will say that it is very intrusive, others that it is simply a nuisance since it occupies functions of various buttons on the device or fills the notification bar with alerts, but the most common is that we just don't use it.

The deactivation process is simpler than the complexity of the wizard itself suggests, all we have to do is follow the steps detailed below.

Disable Google Assistant Tool

The following instructions will help us disable Google Assistant effectively:

  1. On our device, we open the " Google " application.
  2. We go to the " Menu " section and move to " Settings ".
  3. We will find a section called " Google Assistant " and below again the option " Settings ", press on it.
  4. In the window that appears, we scroll down until we find the category " Device " and select " Telephone ".
  5. Now, the first option " Google Assistant " whose description is a summary of the function of the tool, should have the circle shifted to the right.
  6. To deactivate it, we must simply slide the circle to the left.

A more direct way to do it, is from the Google assistant itself, we activate it and then we press the vertical points that appear in the corner, there we do all the process described above, but starting from the fourth step.


How to activate it again if necessary

All we need is to have the Google application installed and follow the following guidelines that are similar to the deactivation process:

  1. Within the Google application, we move our view to the bottom and enter the " More " section.
  2. A menu will appear on one side, we look for " Settings " and press it.
  3. The first section is called " Google Assistant ", we must click on " Settings " within it.
  4. From here, we must follow steps 4 and 5 that we previously followed when deactivating the wizard.
  5. At this point, the circle on the bar should be moved to the left (which means it is disabled), we move it to the right and voila, Google Assistant would be enabled again.

Disable the help button so that no warnings appear

Although we have already deactivated the Google assistant, if we hold down the start button of our device, a notification will appear giving us the possibility of activating it again.


To prevent a notification like this from appearing again, we must deactivate the assistance button, the way to do it is explained by steps below:

  1. In Android, we are going to go to " Settings ".
  2. Depending on the version of our operating system, we go to " Applications " or " Applications and notifications " (only the name changes, but not the function).
  3. Once the new tab has appeared, we enter " Advanced settings " (represented by a gear in old versions of Android) and then click on " Default applications ".
  4. Immediately afterwards, we enter " Assistance and voice input "; Here we are going to choose what type of assistance we want to appear when we press and hold the start button.
  5. In our case, we do not want any, so we are going to select the " Nothing " option .

Now, no other Google Assistant notification will be shown again when we press and hold the home button.

Not now, but maybe later

The Google Assistant is a practically new tool and the majority of users, especially young people, are used to carrying out tasks manually, but this does not mean that later, with updates, we cannot find a function for it. that makes us want to activate it again.

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