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How to activate mobile data on Android or iOS (iPhone)

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Mobile data is one of the most important complements when making the most of the online services of our mobile phone, without having to have access to a wireless connection. This service provided by telecommunications companies allows us to browse, receive notifications and do anything that requires the use of Wi-Fi.

However, it is a fact that there are a huge number of users who do not even know the existence of mobile data or how it works. The methods to activate them vary according to the operating system of the device ; but next we will present all the ways to do it easily, both on Android and iOS.


How mobile data is enabled on Android

The way data is activated on Android devices is not always the same, as it depends on the version of the operating system. The difference is mainly in the way the options are written or how they are organized in the settings menu, that's why if your device does not adapt to the instructions that we leave you below, you can also guide yourself with a little logic.

Via the settings menu

This is not the fastest option but offers more information about the data.

  1. We open the application " Settings " whose icon is a gear. It can be found both in the applications menu and on the home screen.
  2. Press an option called " Data usage ", we should find it at the top of the menu, specifically in the network section. If this option does not appear, it may be due to the Android version, then search for " Mobile networks " or similar.
  3. Pressing the “ Mobile data traffic ” button will activate the data. In previous versions of Android, the option may simply appear as " Activate data " (it is mandatory to have data in the contracted plan, in addition to having a signal).

When these three steps have been carried out, we must verify that the mobile data has indeed been activated. In the notification bar located in the upper area, just next to the reception bars, a 3G or 4G icon should appear (not all devices have this function, so another effective way to check that they have been activated is to try to navigate) .

Using the notification bar

This is the fastest way to enable or disable data on Android devices, the only difference is that it does not display information or offer other options such as in the settings menu.

  1. We slide down the notification bar from the top of the home screen. What this will do is open the quick options panel and it will allow us to manipulate the device settings.
  2. In case when opening the quick options panel notifications are shown, we only have to slide down again from the top of the screen or touch the menu button that is located in the upper right to take us to the configuration .
  3. We look for the option of " mobile data " which is represented by an icon of two arrows together but in opposite directions or by a graph. When disabled, the device requests a Wi-Fi connection in order to navigate; remember that the name of the option could change depending on the version of Android.
  4. When we activate the aforementioned option, the arrows usually light up; but if it is a graphic we can check its activation in the notification bar or by browsing.

Tips when activating mobile data on Android

It is possible that later or during the activation of mobile data in this operating system, some inconveniences occur, or due to ignorance, we neglect to waste the money we have invested in our data plan. Therefore, being aware of the following tips could surely solve and avoid these common problems.

  1. Before starting our mobile data, we must make sure that the airplane mode of our device is deactivated , since among its functions is to cancel the use of data.
  2. We must be aware of the data limit allowed by our contracted plan, if we exceed it we could indefinitely cut the use of data. In the section " Data use " we can see the amount of data we have used but not the limit.
  3. Devices typically disconnect data usage when we leave a coverage area; Paying attention to the connection we make while on the move could help us.
  4. Sometimes we find it impossible to activate the data and we don't know why; In this case, the ideal is to turn off the device completely and then turn it on.

How to activate data on iOS devices (iPhone)

In the same way as in Android, in iOS the way in which the options and menus are written may vary, depending on the version of iOS that the device in which you want to activate the mobile data has. As we mentioned previously, if the version we have of iOS does not adapt to the following instructions; it is possible to be guided through logic.

In the application of "Settings" or "Settings"

This is the general method, especially on iOS 7.1 devices (most devices have this version or are updated).

  1. We open the application menu of our iPhone and look for " Settings " or " Settings ". It has a gray icon with a gear of the same color.
  2. In the menu, we select the option " Mobile data " that is normally located under Bluetooth.
  3. The first option called " Mobile data ", in the same way as the menu, must be activated by default. If it is disabled due to an application or for any other reason, we simply slide the circle to the right until the green bar illuminates.

The way to check that the data has been activated correctly is by displaying the upper bar, the corresponding 3G or 4G sign should appear at the time the data has been activated.

In addition, in the same " Mobile data " menu, you can deactivate the use of data in specific applications, deactivate or activate the 4G data option and, of course, review the use of data in the current period (since they were activated).

Let's enjoy the data wisely

Mobile data is wonderful, we have already learned how to activate it, but it is also very important to deactivate it; from one moment to the next we could run out of data or in case of having an unlimited plan we will be left with empty pockets at the end of the month, that is why we should enjoy them, but always being attentive to the statistics of daily use.


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