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"OK Google": how to activate Google voice assistant

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Day by day the tools and applications of our Smartphones and mobile devices are increasingly evolved, their ingenuity makes our lives easier and the tasks that we used to see complicated are now simple for everyone, this is the case of the voice assistant Google that, through the command Ok Google or Hear Google on some devices, helps us to search the Internet, create reminders, alarms and obtain any indication without even touching the cell phone or mobile device that we are using.

Most of the devices that operate with the Android system have Ok Google factory installed, as of 2017 it not only recognizes commands in English, it also recognizes them in Spanish, so the Spanish or Latin American public can also use it appropriately, even if your mobile device has iOS operating system. Before using it, we must activate its operation on our cell phone or mobile device, if you want more information continue reading here you will find everything you need to know.


Activate Ok Google on Android devices

Currently, all devices that use the Android operating system have the Ok Google tool installed at the factory, but the user is required to activate it to be able to use it, for this we must follow some simple steps that we present below.

Steps to Activate Ok Google on Android Devices

To activate this function if we are users with Android we must:

  1. Enter the Google Play Store and search for the Google application.
  2. Select the Update option if it is available, if this option does not appear we can be sure that we already have the latest version with all its improvements and we can skip this step.
  3. Enter the already updated application looking for the icon with three horizontal lines with the word Mas located in the lower corner of the right side of our device, in this section we can modify and adjust some of its features or try other functions.
  4. Enter the Settings option to configure some aspects and activate Ok Google in the Voice section.
  5. Locate the Voice Match section, there we will see 2 switches: Access with Voice Match to activate all the commands and Unlock with Voice Match to use the function without having to type something on the phone, even when it is blocked, this only works if the first option it's activated.
  6. When activating Access with Voice Match the configuration wizard starts and we must repeat Ok Google 3 times and register our voice tone.
  7. Choose whether we want to unlock our device or not by saying Ok Google, this decision is optional since this unlock may not be very safe in cases where another person with a voice record similar to ours can unlock the cell phone and access all the information it contains without inconvenience.

To start a search with our voice we can open the Google application and say Ok Google or play the microphone.

Activate Ok Google on iOS devices

IOS devices have Siri voice assistant, however, as of the 2017 Google Ok update, Apple teams can also take advantage of some of the functions of this tool initially developed for devices with Android operating system. If we activate Ok Google on our iOS equipment we can do voice searches, activate the timer and stopwatch, create calendar entries, make reminders or search for movies, music and books, for this we must follow some brief instructions.

Steps to Activate Ok Google on iOS phones

To activate Ok Google if we are users with iOS we must:

  1. Enter the Apple Store and search the Google application, in case we do not have it we must download it, we can also update it if necessary.
  2. Register a Gmail account after starting it.
  3. Touch the photo in the upper left hand corner of the screen, search for and select the Voice Search option and activate by pressing the switch.
  4. Choose Spanish in the Language option.
  5. We can use the tool just by saying Ok Google or by touching the microphone located in the Google search bar.

Ok Google voice commands

If we already have Ok Google installed on our Android or iOS devices, it only remains to familiarize ourselves with the commands that we can use, it should be noted that being an application developed mainly for Android, not all commands can be used on iOS devices. This short command guide below is not to be understood as a complete list of commands, just a basic start to everything we can ask our new voice assistant for.

Other important aspects that we must consider is that similar commands are also recognized by the application, so we should not learn this list from memory, for example: set the alarm at 10 o, wake up at 10, both sentences will be understood Ok Google and an alarm will sound in our team at 10. Finally, the assistant will not be able to make reservations or buy for us, nor will he give our bank details.

Ok Google Command List

Some of the most important and used Ok Google commands are:

  • Open Google settings.
  • Show Google history.
  • Modify Google privacy.
  • Add an alarm.
  • Remind me of the meeting tomorrow at 13.
  • Cancel meeting tomorrow at 8.
  • Call to "…".
  • Send WhatsApp to "...".
  • Send email to “…”, subject: family reunion, message: remember to bring the cake, attach photo of the cake.
  • Send text message to secretary: cancel today's meeting and confirm attendance for tomorrow.
  • Who won the last FIFA World Cup?
  • When did the first world war begin?
  • What is the capital of Australia?.
  • How many euros are 10 British Pounds ?.
  • How to say hello in Russian?
  • Where I am?.
  • Fastest route to central hospital.
  • Nearest 4-star hotel.
  • Lower volume.
  • Listen to music to relax.
  • Activate WiFi.
  • Turn off mobile data.
  • Activate voice recording.
  • Take Selfie.
  • Turn on flashlight.

Do not forget to activate Ok Google both on your Android or iOS device with these simple steps that we have explained for you.

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