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How to recover files from a micro SD memory

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In this article we will teach you how to recover files from a micro SD memory , in case you have any type of problem that prevents you from correctly storing or recovering the information within it.

As a main goal, we will try to recover all those data that have been stored in memory, from files, photos, videos, to any office document, omitting any type of software or application that can be recovered in other ways, such as the internet or have backup in the cloud.


Applications to recover files from a damaged micro SD memory

To carry out this task, our recommendation is to make use of third-party software, which facilitate data recovery. In this section we will talk about 3 alternatives, which could be considered as the most used by the community for their ease of use and effectiveness.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This first option is a powerful program and very easy to use, you can download it by accessing the link. Its functions include the recovery of all types of files for different reasons, such as deletion, viruses, loss of partition, system failure, among others.

You just need to connect the micro SD to the computer and run the program, selecting the location of the card and pressing the "scan" button. In this way, it will perform a quick scan and then a deep one, and will create a list of files that you can select to recover.

As easy and fast, the best thing is that it is free software.

2. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is another recommended program to restore your memory. Its operation is very similar, you can enter its page for download. Then to use it, you must insert the micro SD into the PC, run the program and select the memory location.

There you must select the option of intense digging, so that the search is deep and tries to recover the largest number of files that have been deleted in the micro SD memory. After the list that I scan, you must choose which one you want to recover. The software will thoroughly probe the micro SD card and try to recover all the selected files.

Once the search and selection of the file to recover have finished, we send them and save them on the computer.

3. Wondershare

You can download Wondershare by accessing the link on its official page. This software uses advanced algorithms to scan memory and recover lost or deleted data. Once again you will have to connect the external device to the PC, and start the process of searching for files. You can use filters to facilitate the search, be it audio, photo or video.

It waits for the program to meet its goal, and then selects the files it has been able to find to recover.

Tips to repair your damaged micro SD memory card

Keep these tips in mind before and after recovering data from a micro SD memory.

  • Do not try to format the memory with your important documents inside it if you think it is damaged, you must recover them first and then it will be more convenient to format them.
  • Usually the error is in the reader and not in the memory. If the microSD is unrecognizable by your cell phone, you can insert it into another mobile device or any computer with its respective adapter or port.
  • Once each file has been saved, it is necessary to fix the fault in the Micro SD memory. The main recommendation in these cases is to buy a new card, as this may be a sign that it has little useful life left.
  • In some cases a micro SD card can be saved by performing slow and deep formatting, the guarantee of this recovery will depend on whether the failure was in the formatted sector.
  • Windows also provides a tool that allows you to repair memory, by right-clicking on the card's icon, entering properties - tools - and pressing the option to check status.

We hope you can take advantage of these applications. If you have already tried them before, leave us your comment about which one you consider to be the most effective. Until next time!

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