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Enable or disable "Always on Display" on Android

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Samsung implemented a feature known as " Always on Display " on their mobile phones. Their job is to continually keep some customizable information, such as the time, on the device screen. 

This function works even when the device is locked and, thanks to the AMOLED technology that the screens of the modern products of the Korean brand possess, it does not represent a large energy expenditure . This new plugin is available and is activated by default on Galaxy S7 models onwards.

In the event that this function does not convince us or we have acquired a device with the same disabled; Let's take a look at the information below, which will teach us to enable and disable " Always on Display " on Android.


How to enable or disable the "Always on Display" function in Android

This function comes by default on Samsung devices, from S7 onwards, but can be installed on any Android device, by downloading the application from the Play Store.

In the event that we do not have a Samsung of the model specified above or higher, and we are going to install the application on any other device that has Android, then we must make sure that our screen is OLED, because if it is IPS or LCD, the screen is It would be completely illuminated and it would represent an additional energy expense.

Also, the way to deactivate and activate the function is very simple and is detailed later.

Turn “Always on Display” on or off on a Samsung S7 or higher

As the function comes naturally in the system of these devices, it is only a matter of inquiring into the configuration to activate or deactivate it, the way to do it is as follows:

  1. We slide our finger down from the top right of the main screen to open the notification tray, then we press the nut icon that appears in the right corner to enter the device settings.
  2. Once being in the configuration menu, we will enter the option " Lock Screen and security ".
  3. Now, we scroll down and stop when we find the category “ Lock Screen and Always on Display “.
  4. The first option " Always on Display " is what we are looking for, at this moment, we only have to move the button to the left in case we want to deactivate the function or to the right if we want to activate it.

How to configure the function on our Samsung device

To see the scope of this function or directly configure the information that we want to appear on the screen, we must follow the following route:

  1. We repeat the previous steps, to stay in the same place where we ended up, that is, in the " Lock Screen and Always on Display " category .
  2. Here, we are going to interact again with the first option that bears the name of the function, but instead of moving the button, we are going to press on it.
  3. A window will open showing us what information we can choose to appear on the main screen; in case we have configured the function so that the time appears, we can choose the design of the clock.

Also, in this tab it is possible to configure the function to choose whether to keep the function continuously or appear at specific times.

Activate "Always on Display" on any Android device

The way to have this exclusive function of Samsung, is by downloading an application in the Play Store.

There are many developers who have tried to create a plug-in that works in the same way as the original, but the best one is the one that we are going to show you next, along with the steps to follow to learn how to install and activate it on all Android devices:

  1. We download this recommended application from the Play Store.
  2. We accept all permissions and install it as a common application.
  3. When installed, we look for an option called " show always " and click on it so that the application is always visible.
  4. Now, the only thing we have left is to choose the designs or the information that we want to be shown and we would have our “ Always on Display ” function ready to be used.

Let's enjoy our “exclusive” function

This function is very useful, since in general, when we want to look at the time moments after waking up, a light exaggeratedly illuminates our faces, making us get up with tired eyes.

In this case, being an AMOLED screen, the pixels required to execute this function are off pixels and we will have the time or any information that we have chosen on the screen without having to put our eyes to suffer.

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