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Solution to the notice "Google Play Services stopped" on Android

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It is very common to find the typical error of the notification that indicates "Google Play Services stopped." But rest assured, next, we are going to explain what is the drawback of your mobile and how to easily fix it.

The Google Play Services app is usually found included on any device that is Android, and can fail due to internal problems when it comes to running other applications. The only peace of mind it generates is its easy arrangement and solution.


Common Google Play Services error has stopped

The pop-up message that appears on the mobile when trying to run applications, "Google Play Services stopped", is a common signal when trying to log in with a Google mail account in any app, which prevents registering in said application. No matter how many times you try, restart or reset the software, it will continue to appear.

The main reason this error appears is due to an incompatible connection that prevents Google Play Services from synchronizing with the other application that you are trying to open.

This is very common to happen on any new device, due to different updates that Google Play Services constantly receives, which can generate an incompatibility with those apps that are obsolete and old, thus limiting their normal operation with the Google system to try to log in to them.

Steps to follow to fix the error Google Play Services stopped

In order to fix the error Google Play Services stopped, you must remove from the computer all those updates that have been installed from Google Play Services, in order to increase the chances of compatibility between the Play Services system and those apps considered obsolete or outdated. By solving the error you can restore the previous configuration.

1. Locate the Google Play Services application

To perform the procedure you just have to enter the settings of Google Play Services . The steps may vary slightly depending on the Android device, but generally they are as follows:

  1. You must click on "General Settings" to enter the Android device.
  2. Click on "Applications".
  3. Then you have to select in "Application Manager".
  4. In the upper right corner you will find a "More" tab. When selecting it you must click on “Show system applications”.
  5. Now you have to open the option that says "Google Play Services".

2. Uninstall updates from Google Play Services

At this moment, all the features of the app will appear on the screen, including two tabs to continue; it is necessary to uninstall those applications that generate the incompatibility:

  1. Tap the "More" tab on the right side of the screen.
  2. Press the option "Uninstall applications"
  3. The software will ask you in a pop-up window to confirm its uninstallation in order to return to the factory version.

3. Verify that the error has been fixed and update Google Play Services

Then you must log in with your email again in the application that had the error, and then you can easily update Google Play Services again. To do this automatically and easily, you can go to the Gmail app and there the device will ask you to perform the missing update.

What to do in case the procedure doesn't work?

On some devices, it may happen that before uninstalling those updates from Google Play Services, you must first disable / deactivate it as a device or device administrator.

The mobile will take you automatically through the steps to perform it and after fixing the incompatibility problem, you must enter "system settings", then "lock and security" and continue selecting "other security settings", and by last in "device management" to reactivate it again.

This is the solution to the notice "Google Play Services stopped" , we hope that you have followed the steps successfully. See you in a next edition!

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