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How to download Google Play Services?

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The service Google Play Services on our phone is really important because it allows our applications are kept up to date and running smoothly, however, as to the updating of this service must usually be performed automatically, but ¿ What do I do if it doesn't update?

This is a problem that can happen to anyone, so today we will be offering you some ways to update this service on your telephone equipment .


Download Google Play Services on your terminal

In today's article, we will show you two different methods of downloading Google Play Services. First, we will tell you how to proceed if you already have the platform installed on your mobile and, on the other hand, we will tell you how to download it from scratch.

How can I update Google Play Services if it is already installed?

This is a rare situation, since this application usually comes pre-installed on the device , however, if you don't update it, the process is really simple, you just have to:

  1. Enter the Play Store and search for "Google Play Services".
  2. If it appears installed , it is because the application is already fully updated or at least the latest functional version.
  3. If instead of saying installed, it says "update" you hit the button and it will install.

Now, if for some reason it does not let you update and you have failures in any application, before this process you should:

  1. Enter Settings.
  2. Open in apps.
  3. Search for Google Play Services.
  4. Press on “delete data from the app”.
  5. Enter the Play Store and search for "Google Play Services".
  6. If it appears installed, it is because the application is already fully updated or at least the latest functional version.
  7. If instead of saying installed, it says "update" you hit the button and it will install.

What to do if your phone does not have Google Play Services or Play Store?

First of all, we must note that it is very rare that a team does not come with Google Play Services or Play Store , however, some companies prefer to do without Google services, but they have pre-installed stores, with which you can download the Play Store.

Now, if you do not have a specific installer , it is a little more complex, but nothing you can not do yourself with this step by step.

  1. Attend the APKMirror repository.
  2. Search and select the version you need of each one:
    • Google Account Manager
    • Google Play Services
    • Google Play Store
    • Google Services Framework
  1. In the "Download" part you must press some of the available download options.
  2. Then press the "Download APK" button.
  3. Once downloaded, copy the apk to the phone memory.
  4. With any file manager, install Google Play Services and the other apps by opening their apks.
  5. Once everything is installed, you can configure the Google account when starting the store , just as if we did it with a new phone.

Why is Google Play Services so important?

One of the great functions of Google Play Services is that it keeps your phone automatically updated , thus making all applications have their possible updates.

That is the function that almost everyone knows, however, it also serves as a connection between the different versions of Android devices, which means that regardless of the version you have, it will help to connect between them.

Surely you are wondering , is something wrong if I uninstall Google Play Services? Well, this is really one more application that you can install or uninstall as you please, however, by uninstalling this app, you run the risk of damaging the other installed applications.

This happens because the Android connection is lost, and the remaining apps are not updated. Therefore, you should not uninstall it if you want the others to work correctly.

The steps to carry out this process are really simple, so do not hesitate to start them if you do not automatically update this application or if the device you purchased does not have it .

Enjoy the services of Google Play Services

If you did not enjoy all the advantages that this platform has for you, with the methods that we have discussed from now on, you can do it more.

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