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How to turn on or turn on a cell phone without the power button

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There are many ways to turn on a cell phone without the power button , either through computers, through a code, established commands or by combining buttons. It is also possible to configure in the settings a specific button to perform this task, or download some applications that control the power on time and the suspension of the mobile screen. Stay with us and know all the details.


Some solutions for the broken power button

There are many ways to turn on the phone without using the power button, we will start with the easiest and end with the techniques that require the most effort.

1. Use your charger

When you connect the phone to the charger directly, you can see that it turns on, therefore, it is one of the many ways to turn on your phone without the power button , although it can be tedious, it is one of the most simple ways and not requires subsequent device reconfigurations. Many devices are turned off, with the charging symbol on the screen, so it is not a universal method.

The iPhone and other Apple devices are characterized by turning on just by connecting the corresponding charger, so for this type of device you only have to connect it to the power it will turn on immediately, as long as it does not have an empty battery.

2. Using the internal button

This method works only if the power button has come out , that is, there is a gap where the button should be. Locate the internal power button and insert a pointed element, such as a clip; This will activate the ignition of the mobile exactly as it would happen by pressing the button normally.

It can also be the case that the terminals are uncovered and the internal button does not exist , it appears in the form of a smooth metal insert, generally with two separate terminals that must be joined to produce the ignition. Bring both terminals into contact with a small metal object (such as a clip or piece of cable) and hold it in this position until the device turns on.

3. Combination volume button and home keys

Some smartphones no longer carry the home or menu button, but if your phone has that button, you can try the following button combinations:

  • Both volume keys + Home button.
  • Just a volume key (up or down) + Home button.

With this key combination some devices turn on without having to have the power button .

4. USB debugging

To use this method, the cell phone must have USB debugging enabled, the device must have at least 10% battery, then, keeping the Home button pressed, connect it to the PC through a USB cable, in this way the Samsung home screen.

Other ways to turn it on connected to the PC, can be:

  1. Simultaneously while connecting the mobile to the PC, you must hold down the volume down button. Your phone's screen should come on there.
  2. If this method does not work, you can try pressing the volume button together with the start or "home".

5. Turn it on or restart it using commands

Smart phones can also be restarted without using the power button, using a series of text commands that are sent from the computer.

For this in some cases it must be necessary that the cell phone is turned on, and it is done through programs such as ADB and Fastboot .

6. Acquiring an iKey device

It is a small button-shaped device that connects directly to the headphone jack. From here it is possible to easily configure the power mode of your cell phone. 

7. Schedule your cell phone on and forget about the button

Your cell phone surely has a type of configuration that allows you to set a specific power on time . For this you only need to access the option "Scheduled start" and activate it, establishing a specific automatic start time.

Likewise, for this, you must make sure that the cell phone is correctly charged so that it necessarily turns on at the time you decided to configure this option.

8. Applications to turn on the cell phone

Currently, because the power problem becomes very common with the years of use of your device, different applications have been created that allow you to configure the way of turning on your phone , and here we will talk about Button Fix , this app gives you the option to configure the volume buttons to be your new power button on your phone.

In addition, it allows you to also configure the buttons that you must use to turn it off or suspend its screen.

The techniques we have shown in this article are proven and completely effective methods that will allow you to quickly and easily turn on a cell phone without the power button . We hope we have helped you solve your problem!

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