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How to know if an iPhone is a clone? Counterfeit signs

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We may at some point be presented with the opportunity to buy an iPhone at a price well below normal , or we have already acquired one by taking advantage of an unbeatable offer; but the concern appears when we begin to ask: why is it, or was it, so cheap. 

For this question, we have two precise answers: the device is stolen or it is a counterfeit . This time, we will focus on the second option; There are several ways, including two very common ways, to fake an iPhone, one of them starts from the assembly process itself, while the other is simply based on using an Android terminal that tries to simulate the appearance and functions of iOS.

The signs of counterfeiting of an iPhone are usually difficult to distinguish, but by following the detailed information below, we are confident that we can get rid of any scam.


Steps to distinguish a counterfeit iPhone device

As we have previously peeked, there are two common ways an iPhone can be counterfeited. The first is based on assembling the device with legitimate parts of Apple ; the point is that the parts they use for their assembly (in handling companies) usually belong to old-fashioned devices or come from a pirated market.

The second most common form of counterfeiting is devices that almost perfectly mimic the appearance of an iPhone both inside and out; This type of counterfeiting, commonly, works using a terminal with the Android operating system and tries to simulate the iOS operating system in detail.

Human creativity has no limits, that's why we shouldn't be surprised if we find some other way to fake these Apple devices. Luckily, the ways to distinguish a counterfeit iPhone device are clear, we simply have to check every detail with patience.

1. Check if an iPhone is a clone by IMEI

The IMEI ( International Mobile Station Equipment Identity ), is a code that identifies mobile devices in the Global System for Mobile Communications (GMS), that is, it is a unique number that each mobile phone has to world level.

For this case, we must verify that the IMEI code that usually appears on the back of our iPhone, specifically under the Apple logo, matches the one reflected in the menu of the same.

In the event that it does not appear on the back as indicated in the image below, we can find it on the back of the SIM card tray .


After we have verified the code that is detailed in the superficial part, we are going to check if, in fact, it is the same that is shown in the operating system.


The route is simple: "Settings "> " General "> " Information " or " About ", and as you can see in the image, the IMEI code appears; if the codes don't match then it could be a counterfeit iPhone.

eye! This could also mean that the iPhone simply has parts that do not correspond to the device board; for example, if the casing (outer metal) of the phone was damaged, it was probably replaced by another one coming from another iPhone. However, with this we could still be facing an authentic iPhone that was simply repaired, so we recommend you continue reading to identify other signs of counterfeiting.

2. Verify the operation of Siri and the App Store

An iPhone can be cloned, inside and out, almost perfectly, but thanks to the unique functions and applications of an original Apple device, such as Siri and the App Store, we can detect or have indications of a counterfeit .

Verify a counterfeit device through Siri

The method to detect a counterfeit through Siri, is simply based on checking its operation. First of all, we are going to follow this route to activate the function or check that it is activated:
" Settings "> " Siri "> Slide the circle to the right if it is not activated.

Now we press the start button, it's the big one at the bottom of the device, to try to invoke the wizard, Siri.


In the event that it was not possible to make the wizard appear, we have two conclusions: the button is defective, or it is a counterfeit phone.

Check that the App Store application is authentic

To clear the doubts, in case Siri has not appeared by pressing the start button, we are going to confirm that it is an Android terminal posing as the iOS operating system; We will do this by checking the pre-installed application, App Store.

We are going to go to the main screen of the applications menu and look for the App Store icon, in case it does not appear and instead is the Play Store icon, we must understand that it is a copy; in turn, if the App Store icon appears, failing that, we will press on it to check if it is really the Apple store.

The original Apple App Store should look like this:


On the other hand, if the device is counterfeited it could have the application store " Play Store ", corresponding to Android and this would look like this:


If the icon of the App Store application is correct ( image ) but, when you press it, the menu that appears is that of the image below ( Play Store ) and not the one above ( App Store ), then it is an iPhone clone with an Android terminal.

3. Check the IMEI on the official Apple page

It is possible that, despite having applied the previous methods, we still have doubts about the iPhone that we are going to acquire or have acquired; Fortunately, Apple has an online tool with which we can verify its authenticity using the serial number that appears in the information tab of the operating system.

  1. To begin, we will locate the serial number of the device, the default path would be: " Settings "> " General "> " Information " or " About ", it should be noted that the names may vary depending on the version of the operating system, from Likewise, the serial number is usually located on the same tab as the IMEI.
  2. Having the serial number, we went to the Apple page to check coverage.
  3. In the blank space, we enter the serial number and then in the blank field below we enter the same code that is shown in the image.

image image

4. We give to continue and in the event that the device is false, two messages may appear; the first message will notify that there was an error (this usually happens when the entered serial number does not belong to a real iPhone ) and the second will say that it does not match (this message appears when the serial number belongs to a device that was assembled with parts of different models ).

4. Review resolution and construction details

This method will serve as a form of confirmation, to carry it out, we need a real iPhone to compare it with the device that we are trying to sell or that we have bought.


What do we have to compare? We must take a look at it in detail, mainly, to the resolution of the screen , in clones it is usually lower; We must also take note of small details such as the size of the slot in which the SIM card is inserted and the position of the screws.

The cheap can be expensive

IPhone devices are currently the most expensive mobile phones on the market, which is why it is extremely rare to find them legally at a gift price, or at least without flaws. The best way to avoid falling for a scam is to stay away from product offerings whose prices are excessively below normal.

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