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How to reset Sony Xperia: format or hard reset

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Xperia is the name that Sony has designated its family of smartphones and tablets since 2012; It starts from the Xperia Ion (2012) to the recently launched Xperia 1 (2019), and they all have the Android operating system.

It is common to have the need to do a factory restore to our device, since it may have started to have performance problems or we will simply sell it and we do not want someone else to review everything we have stored.

In addition, we also resort to formatting or hard resetting our device when we forget the password or the pattern to unlock it and we have no way to access the functions.


Format or perform a hard reset to our Sony Xperia device

Before resetting our smartphone, we must make a backup copy of the files and information that we do not want to lose; since a factory reset removes everything from the device, except the default applications and the basic functions of the operating system.

In the case of the Sony Xperia, we have three options to do a factory restoration , one is through the configuration menu (the fastest), the other is through a hard reset (the most complete) and the last in case of that the previous ones fail, it is through a code that takes us to the service menu where we can perform the reset to the device.

The names of some options may vary depending on the version of the operating system that our smartphone has.

Resetting a Sony Xperia through the settings / configuration menu

This is the fastest and recommended option, but it also depends on the state of our device, if it does not allow us to access the main screen or the settings / configuration menu, then we must jump to the next method.

  1. We go to the home screen and press the button that takes us to the " Applications menu ".
  2. We search through the various applications and click on " Settings ".
  3. We slide with our finger towards the bottom and select " Backup and reset ".
  4. Then we give " Factory data reset ".
  5. Now, we confirm the process by clicking on " Reset phone ".
  6. Finally, we click " Erase everything " and the formatting process will begin.

By performing these steps, the smartphone will be factory reset again and should not cause any further inconvenience.

Hard reset Sony Xperia

In this way, a complete restoration is applied to the device, before executing it, we must turn off the phone completely, in case it is turned on and cannot be turned off in the most common way, then we must remove the battery and when it turns off, return to put it in its place.

  1. If our Sony Xperia has the buttons " Volume down ", " Volume up " and " Power ", then we can follow these steps, if not, we must jump to the next method in which a code is used within the interface.
  2. We hold the " Volume up " and " Volume down " buttons at the same time as the " On " button , for a moment.
  3. A (non-touch) menu had to appear, in which we will move using the " Volume down " button.
  4. Scrolling with the " Volume down " button we go to the " Recovery " option and then confirm with the " Power " button .
  5. Now, an Android logo with a yellow triangle will appear. Here we must press the " Volume up " and " Volume down " buttons at the same time.
  6. A recovery menu will appear; we move with the " Volume down " button to " Factory data reset " and then confirm with the " Power " button .
  7. With the same " Power " button , we select " Yes " to proceed with the hard reset.

In case these steps have not worked, then we can try the last method described below.

Alternative method to hard reset Sony Xperia

To execute this alternative method of hard reset to our smart device, we must insert a code in the calling application of the same.

The code is as follows : * # * # 7378423 # * # * 

Once that code is inserted, a menu of services should be opened, where there are several options, including the option to restore the factory data of the Sony Xperia.

Now we are going to make the most of our smartphone

We have already successfully restored our Sony Xperia device from the factory, now we have to configure it, pass again the files and data that we previously backed up and install our favorite applications.

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