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How to take screenshot or screenshot on LG

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LG mobile phones are a series of high-quality products, with extensive resources and multiple functions so that the user is satisfied, at all times, with what they have purchased.

Having a great diversity of functions means that although we may have had the device for a long time, we are still discovering things. For example, taking a screenshot has always been a matter of pressing several buttons at the same time; But, not in all the models it is done in the same way.

In addition, companies are increasingly striving to make their devices more intuitive; The way we can make a screenshot has been changing over time , of course, without getting rid of the previous ways.


How to make a screenshot on an LG device

The operating system used by LG mobile devices is Android, and phones that have this operating system usually have a similar way of capturing the screen. Still, in addition to the common one, there are other ways to make a screenshot to the tab you want. There are LG models whose power and volume buttons are located on the back. If this is our case, it doesn't really matter, as it does not affect any of the following methods at all.

Take a screenshot of the common way

The default method of the Android operating system to take screenshots is the one that we are going to use   below. It is very simple, we just have to follow these instructions:

  1. We are located on the screen where we want to make the screenshot.
    1. Simultaneously, we press the buttons: " On " and " Decrease volume ".
  2. The screen will flash and the screenshot will be briefly displayed, here we can release the buttons.
  3. The image will have been saved in " Gallery ".

In the event that we want to share this screenshot instantly, we must: open the notification bar, press on the notification that appeared at the time of capturing and use the " share " option .

Take a screenshot using Capture Plus

Capture Plus is a function of some LG models that allows us to take a screenshot, edit it (optional) and save it. This method goes as follows:

  1. We open the notification bar by sliding a finger from the top of the screen down.
  2. We press the Capture Plus icon , which is represented by four corners that make up a square with a pencil inside.
  3. After pressing the icon, the screenshot would be ready, now, if we want, we can edit it. To do this, we have several options at the top such as: add text , cut and draw .
  4. Finally we press the popcorn drawing or check to save the screenshot.

Capture the screen of our LG device with Quick Memo

Quick Memo is another function available on specific LG models, it is recommended to configure the shortcut menu and place it so that it appears in the notification bar. However, with the following method we can make a screenshot quickly and without having to configure anything:

  1. We must hold down the internal “ Home ” button (the one shown in image the image on the right) and then slide it up slightly.
  2. Some options will appear, among them Quick Memo , we choose it and the screenshot will automatically be taken.

Let's capture and share more

We already know how to take screenshots on our LG device, this is very useful when sending payment vouchers made in the phone's browser and sharing moments on social networks.

In the same way, we have to be careful with the captures that we make accidentally, such as when placing passwords or while talking to someone about an intimate subject since, unfortunately, these can fall into the wrong hands and give us a hard time.

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