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How to make screenshot or screenshot on a Huawei

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Huawei is one of the competitors that recently entered the battle between the predominant companies in the manufacture of smart mobile phones, its success is based above all on the equivalent of quality and price, which is why there are more and more users every day. They prefer this brand and day after day they continue discovering the seemingly endless functions on their devices.

In this case, we may want to share a conversation or we may want to show someone what we are doing on our Huawei device; The best way in which we can share what we have on screen is by taking a screenshot of it.

The problem is that there are still a large number of users who do not know how to make a simple screenshot, as we have already said, it is too simple and there are different ways. The only thing we have to take into account is that the way to do it may depend on the Huawei model that we have.


Take a screenshot with the buttons

This way can be said to be the default form of the Android operating system, so it should work on any model.

  1. We are located in the part where we want to capture the screen.
  2. Simultaneously press the power and volume buttons below.
  3. After about two seconds, the screenshot will be saved in the phone gallery.

In this simple way we can make a screenshot, if we want to share it quickly, click on it and it will show us the options to send it to our contacts through social networks or multimedia messages.

Through the notification bar

This form is more intuitive but minimally slower, among the models in which we have this function is the Huawei Y9.

  1. We go in the same way to where we want to make our screenshot.
  2. We open the notification bar by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen and press " Capture ".
  3. This image, like the previous method, is saved in the phone gallery.

Make a screenshot with the knuckles

No one could have said years ago that it would be so interesting to take a screenshot, with your knuckles!

  1. In order to take screenshots with the knuckles, we must first go to " Settings ".
  2. We slide the menu with the finger down and in the submenu of " Smart Assistance ", press " More ".
  3. Once inside the " More " tab , we located the " Screen Capture " option .
  4. We activate it by sliding the circle to the right, until the bar lights up.
  5. In this way, we have already activated the option to take screenshots with the knuckles.
  6. Now, we place ourselves with the screen in the place where we want to make a screenshot.
  7. With any knuckle of our hands we hit the screen twice and the device would show the result.

Among the models available to perform this method, we find those of the P8 series.

Now we only have to share

We have already learned three different ways to take a screenshot on any of our Huawei devices. Now, we simply have to share what we want through social networks or multimedia messages.

In addition, we must be careful with taking screenshots without realizing it, it usually happens especially with the button method, our privacy could be at risk in quite absurd ways.

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