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How to make screenshot or screenshot in a BQ

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We all know the great value that an image can have, either to remember an event, to not have to write if we are in a hurry, to share something that we have seen online or a message that we want to forward, many may be the cases in which We can make a screenshot, a screenshot or a screenshot on our cell phones or mobile devices to facilitate these and many other tasks.

This is why each of us at some point have been able to use this functionality, officially installed on all devices with Android 4.oo or higher versions, this is the case of the Spanish-Vietnamese cell phone brand BQ , they don't care much for varying the standard way of making a screenshot, however there are times when it is convenient to know other alternatives to make a screenshot at any time.


How to take a screenshot

It is reasonable the popularity that a screenshot of our cell phones and mobile devices has acquired, especially due to the fidelity of the image and the ease of sharing it in different ways in a safe and expeditious way, however, despite the fact that most Of us use this function, many are unaware that there are several ways to use it. If you keep reading you will know some of them.

General rule for taking a screenshot

All devices have several physical buttons or keys, generally 4: Start, although it is less and less frequent to see it on new computers, power on, increase volume and decrease volume, although the latter are physically on the same button, they are considered different since you cannot press both and perform functions simultaneously.

The way to make a screenshot depends on the equipment at hand, but as a general rule, the simultaneous pressure of 2 physical buttons is used, with this we already know that there are 5 alternatives or combinations to make a screenshot:

  1. Home button + Volume down button.
  2. High Volume + Start Button.
  3. Start Button + Power Button.
  4. Low Volume + Power Button.
  5. Power Button + Volume Up Button.

Most likely, some of these combinations will help us to make a screenshot quickly, what we must do is hold down both keys simultaneously for at least two seconds when we hear a small click and see a slightly smaller image of our screen.

Official way to take a screenshot

To take a screenshot on a computer with an Android operating system, we only have to follow these simple steps below:

  • Simultaneously press the Power button and the Volume down button .
  • Stop pressing the buttons when listening to the sound of a flash and observe the screenshot on the screen of our equipment. The image will be saved in the gallery.

Take a screenshot with Google Assistant

With Ok Google we can also make a screenshot on many devices. We cannot say that it is the fastest way to do it, but it is another option that we have, especially if there is a button that does not work or if we have our hands full. For this we must do the following:

  • Activate Ok Google either by holding the Power button for a moment or saying Ok Google.
  • Indicate the command Share screenshot and choose WhatsApp or Messenger.

The disadvantage of this method is that the screenshot is not saved in the gallery

Take a screenshot with apps from other developers

In this case, the prior download from the Play Store of an application to take screenshots is required, there we can find a large number of them, some free and others paid, we must choose the one that we like best and best suits our requirements.

However, we must always consider the opinions of other users who have already downloaded and used it to help us with our choice.

How to take a screenshot on BQ devices

In any of the devices of the BQ brand we can make a screenshot with each of the options indicated above, it is not a brand that complicates its users with other combinations of keys or buttons, basically it is the same:

  • Press the Volume Down key and the Power key simultaneously for a few seconds .
  • Release the keys when you see a flash on our screen and listen to the sound the camera makes when taking a photo.
  • Search the Device Gallery for the screenshot we have taken.

We can now transfer our screenshot to the computer, we can keep it in the gallery or we can share it with someone else.

In the case of wanting to capture a video, we can do it using the same process but instead of pressing the volume down key, we must press the volume up key simultaneously with the Power key following the steps indicated above.

Another method to make a screenshot on a BQ device is as follows:

  • Identify the image to which we want to make the screenshot.
  • Open the notification bar.
  • Select the Capture option .
  • Check if the screenshot was automatically saved in the gallery of our BQ device.

Currently, you can find other methods that you can apply to take a screenshot of your device. You can find ways with movements even with some gestures, however, the ones we describe are the most popular among users of BQ equipment.

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