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How to take screenshot or screenshot on Samsung?

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In some occasions we will have the need to take a screenshot or in English “screenshot” either to send information to a contact, such as, for example, a point of interest, to send something personally or some important information that we don't want to lose.

Depending on the brand of our cell phone, the way of taking the screenshot will be different. Most devices use the combination of physical and other buttons through the use of software.


Take a screenshot on Samsung

We can find several ways to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone, one can be called classic or manual (using physical buttons), another is with the implementation of software, you can also use the voice assistant and even gestures (valid for some models).

There are alternative or not so common ways to make a screenshot, such as with Google Now, this is done by holding down the start button of your Android and when the previous screen of the wizard comes out you will see a share icon.

Classic method

With the classic method we want to refer to the way in which most of the users of this company are used to taking a screenshot at Samsung, if you have belonged to another brand and have recently changed and do not know how to do this procedure, follow these steps:

  • Decide what you want to capture.
  • Simultaneously press the power button with the start button.

If the first time you do not have results, keep trying since people who have never had a Samsung cell phone usually cost them.

New method, with software

Technology is advancing at incredible steps and we don't realize it. This has even gone as far as taking a screenshot on Samsung. Next, we will tell you how to proceed.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 (and other models too), it has a virtual assistant which will help us in the process. This non-real person, called Bixby, is always active on the mobile and we can give him an order to execute instantly at any time:

  • First, we'll make sure we have Bixby active. You can do this using the button dedicated to it or saying "Hi bixby" several times.
  • Now that it is active, find what you want to take a screenshot for.
  • Using the voice command, command him saying "take screenshot" and the system will quickly pick up on this.

Also in this terminal as well as in others, we can take screenshots with gestures , as follows:

  • Go to "Settings"> Advanced Features.
  • Activate "Move palm to". Here you have to move your hand from left to right so that the cell phone captures this gesture.
  • From now on, making the stored gesture we can take captures.

Screenshots on Samsung

There is no doubt that making a screenshot can serve us to cover different needs, such as transmitting a photo to a contact, showing certain information, etc., so it is necessary to know how to do it. Samsung was one of the first companies to be able to perform this procedure only by executing the order and without doing it with the physical buttons.

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