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How to know if a cell phone is a clone? Find out how to detect.

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Whenever we are going to acquire a new phone we proceed to analyze some factors and although it takes a long time we do it. Why? Obviously we want the best quality accompanied by good characteristics and even a good model under a brand that guarantees the durability of the device for us. In addition, we surely expect functions that we need for day to day. But if you already have one in mind , how do you know if a cell phone is a fake?

Even after searching for the right model, with the ideal features and the right budget. There is always a chance that someone can sell us a cloned device. The truth is that this situation would not be comfortable at all. But, do not worry , through this article we will help you prevent future scams in which you could be a victim. Specifically, we will analyze signs to detect mobile clones of misleading origin and of dubious quality.

Believe it or not, this situation is more common than it seems to many people affected. In fact, a lot of people have cloned phones in their hands and don't know it. The consequences of acquiring one of these devices is that they do not have the benefits, quality and safety of an original one . That is why we must first know that it is a fake cell phone .


 What is a clone cell phone?

Cloned Huawei P30 Pro device.

It is called this way to any mobile phone that does not belong to its brand of origin , which despite showing similar characteristics is not original. Even these are cheaper phones, which have very different technical specifications to those presented by large companies, which obviously does not make them as prolonged use as the original ones. These fake cell phones typically have much shorter battery life, lower performance and lower resolution than original cell phones.

Be careful : the most famous brands tend to be the most counterfeited. Undoubtedly, both Samsung and iPhone clones are the most abundant; But as the market grows, lately you can also find cloned Huawei phones , in addition to other lesser-known brands. If you did not purchase the phone from a representative store or other official store, it is much more likely that you have a cloned phone in your possession.

Signs to identify a fake device

Below, we will show you some signs that will help you identify such a device.

See the design and compare

A clone or pirate phone, obviously it is similar to the original , but even so there are several aspects that differentiate them, and of which we can be suspicious, which are:

  1. The first thing is the Camera and the flash.
  2. Even weight and size matter, too.
  3. Housing materials and finishes.
  4. The size and proportion of the screen.
  5. Physical details, such as the brand name somewhere specific, will help you identify the difference.
Original vs fake Samsung mobile phone.

It is highly recommended that you investigate these aspects. However, they should not be the only aspects that you should analyze. You must investigate very well in the hardware or internal part of the device with Benchmark applications, although what will verify that your cell phone is a clone or is original will be the IMEI code.

Use a Benchmark app


This application will help you to make a comparison of the different components of the equipment that you want to acquire, so you know the performance of the device through the data that this application throws; in the application you must measure.

  1. The size of the RAM.
  2. Processors speed.
  3. Screen quality.
  4. Camera quality.
  5. Internal memory.
  6. Gpu, among other functions that can be measured based on its capacity and power.

This is possibly one of the most effective methods, since clone phones are assembled with lower quality memories, processors, cameras and memories to lower the production price.

Guide for Antut Benchmark (Android)

AnTuTu Benchmark (iOs)

These applications previously guaranteed to detect cloned phones, but currently some counterfeiters of these mobile devices are ahead of this by manipulating the results obtained when comparing with other original devices.

Since this device information is available to everyone, it is also available to replica manufacturers, who are in charge of manipulating the system and changing the capacity of the components of the mobile phone. Still, if the results you achieve are low, you are likely to come across a cloned phone.

Check the IMEI and the serial number to know if your cell phone is a clone

That you verify the IMEI or the serial number are of utmost importance if you really want to make sure you buy a good product, you can verify the IMEI of your iPhone as well as that of your Android phone.

IOS / iPhone devices

You will find the IMEI number in several places: in Settings, on the same device, in the Finder, in iTunes and in the original box, everything must match. You can contact Apple technical support, and with the serial number or IMEI number you can identify your device.

Verify imei iPhone / iPad: https://doctorunlock.net
If you haven't already obtained it, we'll show you how to find it on your iOS device.

  • You can verify the IMEI code on your same device. image
  • Or you can do it by following these steps
  1. Go to Settings >> General and press "About".
  2. You usually need to scroll to the bottom of the menu to find the IMEI.
  3. Press and hold the number you want to copy the number to.
  4. Use this link to verify the IMEI of your phone: https://doctorunlock.net


In the link the warranty period will be reviewed, which is important that it appears, because if instead there is the legend “Sorry, but this serial number is not valid. Please verify the information and try again ”, it is quite likely that it is a cloned cell phone.

Samsung devices

In Samsung cell phones the IMEI is a 15-digit number, each phone has a unique international code, the number is associated with a GSM code (global system for mobile communications)

Verify Samsung imei: https://imei24.com/imei_check/Samsung/

If you do not know how to obtain it, there are several ways to consult the IMEI:

  • In the original packaging of the phone .


On one side of the equipment box we will find a sticker with a barcode, when we take it off we will discover a 15-digit number, that is the IMEI.

  • On the back of the phone .

You can find the IMEI of your Samsung device on the back of it, on the bottom of the case you can find the number.

  • In the "Settings" of the device .
  1. We enter "Settings"
  2. We look for the option "About device" >> "Status".
  3. Click on "IMEI Information".


Once you have the IMEI code you can verify it at this link: https://imei24.com/imei_check/Samsung/

If the serial number or IMEI is not valid, sorry, unfortunately what you have in your hands is a clone phone.

Huawei or other Android devices.

On any Android device you can get the IMEI code by dialing >> * # 06 # <<


Once there you can obtain the IMEI, you must go through a page that verifies its originality and if you cannot verify it, then it is very likely that this is a clone device.
 Verify imei Android: https://imei24.com

Verifying the IMEI is of great importance, as it has been confirmed that clone devices do not possess it. This process is repeated with any cell phone of the brand that is if you cannot verify its IMEI then it is a clone device; be very clear about that.

If you pay attention to each of the aforementioned details before purchasing a Smartphone, you can ensure that you do not purchase a device that is cloned, but rather that you purchase an original and good quality phone so that you can fully enjoy your investment.

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