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Help Samsung Galaxy S4 gets very hot.

I received the phone and all fine until I downloaded a game, to put about 4-5 minutes past the top of the cell is heated in esceso.Me DOWNLOAD another to try and do the same. Lower brightness and disconnect the GPS but still warm in exceso.A algien see if the same would happen or if it is "normal".

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Hi, a couple of years I'm registered but not connected me ago, had a S2 (very happy and although not perfect), but I had no serious grounds to ask the forum. I am computer but never find time to flash, so I'm a (though not expert) android power user, and try to keep abreast of developments in the sector.
Now I have a brand new GALAXY S4 and heating want to talk about my terminal.
I use the phone recently, almost no name, only receive 4 emails a day, a few whatsapp, some internet navigation. Medium / low use. Then I can promptly use its full potential, but since I have the S4, little yet.
I always carry it in the front pocket, and I must say that the first week THERE WAS WARM.
It was from the baseband update "" "I9505XXUAMDN" "" that I began to get quite hot, and I know what it means ENOUGH.
It also has direct effect on the battery lasts much less when heated. Under normal conditions, low use, the first days had averages of 3 days under a 2 days, and now only lasts until evening.
It is also true that from the first day until me I started to realize that it was heated, have been installed apps, but very specific, indeed the first mass load was the first day (so when no heat was already loaded apps ), that coming from a S2, I downloaded all I had in my S2 as I pulled the S4 and put my google user.
I've also read on the Internet that are not few, it's quite widespread.
I would like to take this thread for those who know, are interested in, what suffering, he finds, something about it, and we have published to date.
- Whether they are units that we have to change
- As if the update, which is fixed with another upgrade
- Or anything else

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I have a Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 (the version with Qualcomm Snapdragon) and the truth is that quite, to the point that hold heat very uncomfortable. I researched elsewhere and say that is normal in Octacore version, but I find it very disturbing topic. While I'm writing this from the cell, the left hand is starting to sweat me. I also learned that there are no solution. It is clear that if you stick cane hd games such as Dead Trigger or Real Racing 3 the device to warm up for the resources required, but then to reach almost 50 ° degrees, it seems amazing.
Tomorrow will call for service of Samsung have to tell me, I appreciate all forms to cast me a hand informing me of novelties as well as I also inform me finding fence.
Thank you.
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Happens to me the same thing, I come cases and now I'm regretting it in just three days that I have the s4.
I carry it in your front pocket and sucks notice a stove leg up big burning .... :(
I went this morning to the technical service and have been told that technicians are at a convention in Madrid regarding this issue .... but so far no solution.
A wait time playing and I'll ask my wife a nice bag to match my suit to transport and not burn ... that if I look a lot down the street lol
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Total, the next day I go to the store where you buy and leave there because the technician only come on Tuesdays (I carry a Friday). Give me a paper as I leave it there and call me Wednesday, I'll pick up my phone waiting for a change this with a new one because obviously does not work well. And they tell me that the face of the phone works perfectly, which is not heated at all and he was a boy (not TECHNICAL OR COMPANY OR SAMSUNG) testing my terminal for 2 hours (where I had to try seven mobile, apart from mine and then I actually said it had sent a watsaps, made 2 photos and he had not warmed up ... what phone warms doing that?).
I pissed with them and I refuse to take mobile, so I went to inform the user and consumer attention. They told me to pick up a mobile and to request a role as the company is mobile agree that nothing happens to him that they have found and returned it to me. Today I made this myself. I reconfigured each of my accounts and unburden the same game, I just burned his hand again.
In short, if you pass this id and put claims. If the company or service tell you 2 or 3 times in a row that the terminal will nothing happens and you take him home, you go to customer care and they are responsible for reporting to the company by thymus, as obviously or well not even want to look like mobile or fleeced knowing that something is wrong but do not solve.
Tomorrow I'll call the store or directly to Samsung service because this terminal burns and there have been reports that a screen is cracked by heat.
See who tell me :) and I will inform you.
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