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Valve is creating an ecosystem of both hardware and software with Steam Machines, HTC Vive (SteamVR) and steamos.
In the thread I created the other day almost everyone agreed that the Steam Machines are a chestnut now. However, what else has letters Valve addition to those already mentioned? Half Life 3, a game that everyone expects extreme desire (not including me xD). And if you decide that it is a unique steamos? Honestly I just think it and it would seem a very good move, since the main advantage of the consoles compared to PCs (which at this time the Steam machines are not different at all, only with less catalog) are the exclusive games. Well here it is a reef Valve decide whether to exclusive and limited their IPs (Left4Dead Portal 3 ?, 3 ?, the aforementioned Half Life 3, Team Fortress 3?).

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Valve will release a unique game called "Half Life VR" and surely will be exclusive for use with SteamVR or functions may also steamos, but that will not be Half Life 3.
conjecture with what I read somewhere.

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Is that of the 4 pillars that you name (hardware, glasses, SO and games) the only thing that seems to be maintained is the games.
The hardware in any comparison loses potentially traditional PCs are better and much cheaper price and consoles are being taken forward.
Virtual reality is very green and not think it's something to lean to enter the market.
SO, to play on Windows PC is unrivaled and it seems that Windows 10 is above stomping.
The games are their main bases (I do not include myself, have never played any of these sagas, but have their legion behind) and I do not want to lose sales just to save the other three pillars that apparently seen does not seem to lead anywhere safety.
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HAARP is complicated, although there are few models to talk seriously, will have to wait and see how people react to the Steam machine that are to come. Let's like buying a laptop, there are expensive and there are cheaper, and so far not many companies that bet strong name, only Asus, Alienware and Gigabyte (among some other).
After the OS is a pity that it has not gone as far as many imagined or who has not had much impact and has been stuck in the media.
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Valve policy is against exclusive. In fact, they want their products to reach the maximum possible platforms. This is essential, because it makes the same investment has much more potential audience.
On the other side, that HL3 is a highly anticipated game ... It's the joke more than anything else. There are those who want to play, yes, because the saga is pretty good, but nobody is anxious to other games as advertised. In addition, fans, if that would make HL3, wait while die for hype as if it were a work either Molyneux.
The reason Valve strives to boost steamos is abusive policies of Windows 8 and later. They have never been very permissive policies of MS, but the issue of application stores and other pose a serious problem for Steam. Not because Valve has not want that because, in fact, has urged other companies to draw their stores steamos.
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I honestly doubt it much, in fact it is a lie that everyone, at least a quarter or so talkative would buy HL3 are dying much less would a steam machine.
Look beyond man and notice on Google, what did become giant today ?: your browser, but also get everywhere to position your brand even in matches, it is making Valve all think and PC games, and even games only say: I'm not sure where to buy games and stuff, but hey that there is a certain Steam and ...
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It would not have much effect, since at the end Steam OS is free and can be placed in any PC so anyone who is interested in the game could install and play. In Valve obviously know this and therefore does not aim to exclusive as a way to draw attention to its OS, it's more, I'm sure that this bet OS Steam is longer than it was the same Steam term.
Every day that passes I am more convinced that the Steam Machines are an experiment to Valve: If they succeed they will not give you many benefits and not the harm if they fail.
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The Steam Machines are nothing but a way to bring the PC to current users of consoles that change will not be as drastic them and if more people play PC more likely to buy games on its platform. No more.
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