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My website is not loading, I am getting Chrome waiting available socket error while working with mp3 files, how can I fix it?

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How to fix Chrome Error waiting socket available
No open Gmail or Google on the Chrome browser: Solution to error
When you update to a new version of Google Chrome often happens that does not open Gmail or Google normally and wanting to do the browser waits without access anything. It also happens with other sites under the domain Google.com.
Socket Error in Chrome
Our first thought is that the site is down or the like, but the truth is that this is not the problem or disability. Nor is it a problem because a simple connection when tested under Firefox, Opera or services Explorer open as normal.
The error in Chrome displays a sign that says "This site is not available" and clarification with the legend "Error 15 (net :: ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error". The error is quite usual in Google Chrome, more precisely in its updates, and its workaround is to restart the computer.
As partial solutions are not much we offer a tutorial for you solve the fault in less than a minute.
[Solution] does not open Gmail or Google Chrome
To avoid this problem and ensure that services are normally open in Google Chrome should insert the following into the address bar: chrome: // net-internals (then give "Enter"). They then have to go to the "Socket" in the left menu and choose "Flush Socket Pools" (look at the following screenshots to guide)
This has the problem solved and no longer will experience problems accessing Gmail, Google or any of the services of the Mountain View giant. I hope you found it useful and share the tutorial with whom they need or social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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I'm afraid this solution did not work.
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