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How to fix “Unfortunately the process google partner setup  Has Stopped” Error Message

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First, you have to go to the Settings menu on your smartphone.
Access the Application Management section, and scroll to the right to all.
Search the application has stopped.
Access this application and tap Clear data and Clear cache.
Please note that deleting data will eliminate in turn changes you have made in the settings of the application, but not its content, such as photos from the gallery, for example. For its part, the information blot to remove the cache is simply data that allow the application to load faster when you start. 
thank you it is working
I have the same problem. But the thing is, whenever I try to go to the setting and try to do what is instructed here. pop-up messages will appear like "Unfortunately, Hangouts has stopped." "Google partner set-up has stopped" and so on then my phone will turn off. What should I do? If I reformat my phone what will happen?
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Try reformat your phone but be carrefull back up your photos contacts  and other datas
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You should review that app installed, some create conflict, try uninstalling those app you've installed ultimammente and you has given problem, so you go finding out which it is, if still persists, see settings and factory settings, you will lose all your app, installs more than ready to use and actually need,
All I can do is disable or force stop. Is there anything else I can do to get my Google partner setup working again?
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clearing data of Google Partner Setup and reboot your phone it will work 

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