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My Samsung tablet shows the message"error retrieving informatiom from server [RPC:S-7:AEC-7]" can this be fixed?

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Play Store RPC error: S-7: Fix AEC 0
Below you will find the solutions mentioned above for the error in retrieving information from the server: RPC: S-7: AEC-0 has happened to us every now and then in Google Play Store. If you have any further tips and experiences about this error, then gladly sign up on the comments. Maybe you can still help other users with your information, unless they are also affected by the problem.
Uninstall updates manually - first solution
Go to the "Settings" and then under the menu item "apps" or "Application Manager".
Search there now for the entry "Google Play services" and type in there again to the point "Update uninstall".
Now all update from the Play Store from your smartphone or tablet to be removed.
Start connecting your smartphone be completely new and start the Play Store. Now, the updates should be downloaded anew and the error should be then hopefully gone.
Add Google account again - second solution
Open the "Settings" on your Android smartphone and go under the "Accounts".
Tap here to your Google account associated with your Android smartphone, and then go to "Account N.".
Add the account then the button "Add Account" button again added and then try an app on Google Play download.
We hope our tips have solved the problem with you. For further tips about "Error retrieving information from server: RPC: S-7: AEC-0" You can always write to us.

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