how to fix playstation network error 80710a06

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asked Apr 5, 2015 in Sony by anonymous

how to fix playstation network error 80710a06

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answered Apr 5, 2015 by osky (127,200 points)

If messages appear as "PSN Error 80710A06" or "PSN Error 80710092" in these days when you try to access your PlayStation Network PS3, do not panic: the problem is not yours but from Sony. Since last Thursday April 21, PSN PlayStation 3 not working due to an external attack, allegedly orchestrated by a group of hackers.
Specifically, you should see something like this:
* Error 80710A06 - There was an error. It has closed its session PlayStation Network. (80710A06) among others
* Message: PlayStation Network is conducting maintenance.
Unfortunately, we can only advise you to be patient, you visit regularly the official PlayStation Blog for the latest details or to take a look at our news section. We also take this information note to encourage those who have doubts to write in the comments below.

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