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How to Fix a Fatal Error GTA IV PC

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"Grand Theft Auto IV" for the PC requires at least 1.5 gigabytes of memory, a dual-core processor and a video card 256MB. Requires activation online, and installation of Games for Windows Live and Rockstar Games Social Club. It is also a game that, in his debut, pushed the average computer to the limit. The most common causes of the dreaded message "Fatal Error" are the lack of updates and a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements. Instructions
install the latest update from the support site Rockstar. At the time of publication, the latest patch for the "Grand Theft Auto IV" is the Title Update Version (English), a file of approximately 100 megabytes launched in March 2011. The update addresses the specific problems encountered in the download page, but also contains all previously released fixes. Some of these addresses crashes and can delete the entire error.
Enable compatibility mode if you do not have Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or Windows XP Service Pack 3. The game officially supports these two versions of Windows, but also work with Windows 7 and some previous versions of the operating system. Right click on the game icon and click "Properties". Go to the Compatibility tab and select the box "Run this program in compatibility mode". Use the dropdown menu to select Windows XP or Windows Vista.
Run Windows Update and install updates for all other programs needed to run the game. This includes Adobe Flash Player, Games for Windows Live, Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 and DirectX. Look for updated drivers on the graphics card manufacturer's website - usually Nvidia, AMD or Intel
Genuine software installed, purchased in-game store. . You can find pirated copies of "Grand Theft Auto IV" across the Internet, but still come with a price. They may contain viruses and even insects are not in an authentic copy. Some errors are intentionally introduced to discourage illegal downloads.

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