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Help with Error Unknown Device usb 

The computer has been perfect and everything works perfectly in principle.

Until I get a windows error saying that the USB device is unknown and not to make noise that continuously connect and disconnect a USB.
The error has left me without connecting anything, I was just installing Starcraft 2 and just finished installing The Witcher 2.
My Pc is as follows:
The thing is that it seems as if I'm connecting offline detected something and I'm not doing anything.
And again it has happened to me a while to have your computer on.

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Surely one of you has been a scare when they failed to flash memory (either USB, USB flash drives, Secure Digital, MemoryStick, MMC, MP3 player and / or Mp4, etc.), some of the common faults is that Memoryeffect not among the devices, says he has no form, or by double clicking My Computer does not open, here I will try to give solutions for each of these cases, if your case is different expose it in the comments and I will try to solve in future articles, it is also important to know that not all cases have a successful solution, but there is a 98% chance that itself can be arranged.


You know those yellow question marks that appear in the Device Manager? Are unknown devices. I explain how to identify and to locate drivers.
After a disk formatting and reinstalling Windows, it is common to find that many devices have not been recognized. If you do not have the drivers, the question becomes annoying.
Fortunately, even the most primitive device displays data that identify the manufacturer and model. To find them you have to tire a bit, but worth it.
1. Open Device Manager
The first step is to open Device Manager, which will tell us what is and what is missing. There are several ways to access it. The best known is go to Control Panel, double-click on System and go to the Hardware tab.
Another way is to press the key combination Windows + R keys and enter devmgmt.msc command, which directly opens the Device Manager.
2. Open the Properties of the Unknown Device
Once there we can see a list of all devices by category. Those who could not be identified appear with a nasty question or yellow icon: are our goal.
Icons unknown hardware in Device Manager (source)
Right click on one of the devices with yellow icon and then select Properties. Then, go to the Details tab. That's where you'll find the necessary information.
3. Record numbers Hardware IDs
On the Details tab is a selection box full of parameters. We only serve two Manufacturer ID (Vendor ID, or VID VEN) and device (Hardware ID, or PID DEV). Both appear under "Id. Device Instance" in a single line of text that can be copied with Control + C.
Take for example, this identifier:
PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_10BD ...
The first section defines the type of connection (PCI). Then the manufacturer ID (VEN), which is a four-digit number appears - in this case 8086. As for the device (DEV), we can see that is the 10BD.
Now, what do we do with these numbers?
4. Locate the driver on Google or on specialized sites
Faster is a search on Google using the whole string or only a part. In the above case, we would look as follows:
PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_10BD driver download
There is not always lucky, so sometimes plays consult specific search engines such as PCIDatabase, PCI ID, IDHW or Linux-USB. Introducing one of the two numbers is likely to get find the manufacturer and model of the device.
Then it's just a matter of going to the manufacturer's website or find the device name in Google associating it with the word "driver". But beware of fake drivers download sites.
And if the search fails ...
The method just described is safe and free, and does not require installing additional applications. But if it fails or prefer automatic, then you have another option, the detectors drivers.
You can use programs that have their own databases, as Unknown Devices or AIDA64, or use a detector online, as Ma-Config or DriverMax. I recommend you first try AIDA64, heir to the great Everest.

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