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What are the common keyboard shortcuts for Windows?

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Learn to use keystrokes to activate functions is one of the most profitable investments in information technology. Although it may seem a nuisance having to memorize dozens pulsation, automatic ends up being something that is essential.

Each program usually have their own keyboard shortcuts, but the windows are useful for everyone.Here are the most common.

Shortcuts with the CONTROL key

Ctrl + A. Open Document (only available when running applications). 

Ctrl + B. Organize Favorites. 

Ctrl + C Copy the selection. 

Ctrl + E. Select All. 

Ctrl + F Search for files and folders.

Ctrl + G. Save as

Ctrl + Ctrl + H View History I. Show Favorites. 

Ctrl + K. Converts round hand in italics, and vice versa. 

Ctrl + L. Open a file. 

Ctrl + N. Converts strong characters. 

Ctrl + O. Organize Favorites. 

Ctrl + P. Box printing. 

Ctrl + Q. search. Ctrl + R. Save changes. 

Ctrl + S. Enable and disable underlined. 

Ctrl + U Open new document. 

Ctrl + V Paste the selection. 

Ctrl + X Cut the selection. 

Ctrl + Y. Repeat the previous step. 

Ctrl + Z Undo the previous step. 

Ctrl + Esc. Open the Start menu. 

Ctrl + Home. To top of a folder or document. 

Ctrl + End. Go to the end of a folder or document. 

Ctrl + Enter. Includes the http: // in the browser address bar.

Shortcuts ALT

Alt + Space + X Maximize a window. 

Alt + Space + N. Minimize a window. 

Alt + Space + R. Restores a window to its original size. 

Alt + Esc. Moves the keyboard focus through the windows. 

Alt + F4. Close window. 

Alt + Tab. Change quickly from one application to another. 

Alt + Lyric corresponding toolbar. Displays the menu corresponding to that letter.

Alt + Print Screen. Enable high contrast view. 

Alt + numeric keypad. Obtain symbols.

Shortcuts ALT GR

Alt Gr + 2. Get the @ symbol. 

Alt Gr + E. Get the symbol €. 

Alt Gr + Y. Move the cursor to the beginning. 

Alt Gr + I. Preview. 

Alt Gr + O. Include footnotes numbered page. 

Alt Gr + K. Set hyperlink. 

Alt Gr + 4 + space. Gets ~. 

Alt Gr + G + space. It goes directly to the text field Google bar (if you have it installed)

Shortcuts to the WINDOWS key

Windows key + D Show Desktop screen. 

Windows key + E Open Windows Explorer.

Windows key + F Open the Find dialog box. 

Windows key + M Minimize all windows.

Windows key + R Open the Run dialog box

Other shortcuts

F1. Get the help of Windows. 

F2. Rename a file or folder. 

F3. Access the Search menu. 

F4.Displays the Address bar in any folder or website. 

F5. Updates the document, folder or website. 

F6. Access the Address bar. 

Shift + F10. Show the menu that is accessed with the right mouse button. 

Shift + Tab. Move back through a dialog box.

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