How to fix the error " has stopped"

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asked Mar 28, 2015 in Android by ladaman

How to fix the error " has stopped"

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answered Jan 23, 2017 by Hossam
selected Jan 24, 2017 by osky
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Uninstalling the Google App Update like stated above worked for me on the Galaxy note 2 :)
Settings> Application manager> All> Google App> Uninstall updates.
Then you need to unmark the apps auto update from google play store's settings.
commented Jan 24, 2017 by anonymous
Like other users I've been having this issue since yesterday on my Samsung Galaxy S4, causing my phone to crash when I hold the home button to try and close programs. This approach (uninstalling Google App updates) has worked for me and my device is working again.
commented Jan 24, 2017 by Brian
Uninstalling  Google updates worked like a charm. Then I went into Play store settings and turned off auto updates so this wouldn't  happen again. Have a Samsung S4.
commented Jan 24, 2017 by Missy
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom and uninstalling the Google app update also worked for me.
commented Jan 29, 2017 by anonymous
Uninstalling Google App updates (return to factory version) worked on my Galaxy S III mini.

Thanks to those who included what they did in their comments -- I cannot find the original answer in amongst all the ads, but specifying what they had done enabled me to figure out the solution anyway.
commented Jan 29, 2017 by Viv
Thanks for all your comments. I also returned the Google app to factory settings and turned off automatic updates in Google play on my Samsung S4 mini and it worked like a charm. I was going to buy a new battery because it was running down fast the last week but I am hoping this solution helps that as well.
commented Feb 3, 2017 by anonymous
I used this solution in my Samsung Galaxy Mega and it worked. Thanks
commented Feb 4, 2017 by rajdhadve (110 points)
Form last 4-5dyas I got ' has stopped' error, when I pressed center button of my Mobile Galaxy Note2. So I just uninstall google updates and it works for me. Thanks.
commented Feb 15, 2017 by anonymous
Worked for me with my Galaxy S3!  Thank you!
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answered Mar 28, 2015 by osky (131,680 points)
The truth is that Android is an operating system that works very well, although in Android 5.0 Lollipop bugs have crept alguns. But if we are restless users, we can play a file that should not, and find serious bugs. Today we will see how to fix the error " been arrested" on Android.
This is a serious problem that can temporarily disable mobile if you start to appear continuously. Sometimes the fault is also shown "Unfortunately, the GUI system halted" "but we are in the same situation. Let's see scenarios that may occur this problem and how to solve it:
How to fix the error "has stopped"
- After installing an app: it may be that the app touched some important file, so you must uninstall it. We can reinstall to see if what happened is that there was some sort of corruption in the process, but should not be excluded that the app simply does not get along with our smartphone / OS. The apps most affected by this are the launchers.
- By touching files: as root you can delete files to save space but sometimes we play some we should not. Or maybe we've uninstalled any system app do not want, but which is necessary for the interface. The solution is to put everything you have removed.
- Changing ROM: Can we have forgotten to do the wipes data and cache, and then filed the problem. So the first step is to make and does not work, reinstall the ROM must conscientiously to avoid errors.
- Do not know what you've done: if you see this error and you're not sure what happened (or the previous solutions have failed), it is best factory reset the phone. Lose settings smartphone, but the problem is solved. Now you must be careful to avoid to repeat the steps you took out the error message at first.
Now you know how to fix the error "has stopped" in Android. Those who like to experiment with your terminal can suffer this inconvenience but in the end, worth striving for a bit and enjoy the enormous possibilities of Android.
What do you think of these tricks to fix the error " been arrested" on Android? Do you find useful, or you're not one to do advanced things with your smartphone?
commented Jun 20, 2015 by anonymous
Sounds good but phone wont even let me get to settings error pops up before phone can even recognize command given now what?
commented Jul 3, 2015 by anonymous
I can not even go into settings
commented Jul 12, 2015 by anonymous
I am having exactly the same problem - cant even get past the Home Screen to get to Settings. My screen just keeps flashing black/screen saver & the message "unfortunately the process has stopped" I press Ok but it just comes back. Help.......
commented Aug 2, 2015 by michael
i can't click anything
commented Aug 2, 2015 by J
I did the factory reset. Those massages still pop up. It will not let me set up the phone. Please help. Galaxy S5. Verizon.
commented Aug 4, 2015 by coronta
hello, I have a Samsung s4 i9500. I get the error "ui system stopped" and take you to fix me they formatiaron factory and still does. uninstall each application one by one testing which could make the error and continues. what I have not rooted or anything weird just normal use as wine factory downloading obviously common everyday applications.
someone could help me ?? thanks greetings.
commented Aug 4, 2015 by honnor
With this data you mention I think the device is damaged and should be sent to repair, I see no other possibility ...
commented Aug 4, 2015 by anonymous
Hello, if you served me after the last update samsung S4 did not stop to get out the little sign of IU has stopped leaving the Tel unusable, it took phonehause and erased the previous update leaving and I solved the problem :))
commented Aug 13, 2015 by anonymous
I face the same problem..
SystemUI stopped only when the battery is on 15%.
I've tried do factory reset too.
The last thing i did are install pure performance and pure graphic..
commented Sep 7, 2015 by krtona engr
Sorry I need help I have an LG p708g for days I wanted to customize my notification bar and now no longer appears on my main screen only get a message (unfortunately, system ui has stopped) and tried everything to recover and nothing ..podrias help and I have not a backup before having this problem ..espero help me THANKS
commented Sep 7, 2015 by anonymous
I've already got, but it is with the power button while the volume (+) button and have it down in the middle: P
Although not let me now turn Wi-Fi.
Thank you.
commented Sep 8, 2015 by anonymous
Can't get to settings. This is a dual boot tablet cyngen Android has been added to web os  any clues on how to get it to open again
commented Sep 26, 2015 by Cecilia
My message is coming up on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, and it came up when I turned it, and have not downloaded any new apps in over 6 months. It will not let me get off of the home screen, nor allow me to even turn the device back off.
commented Sep 28, 2015 by anonymous
This happened to my phone along with 'launcher has stopped'; simple re-boot fixed it.
commented Oct 14, 2015 by anonymous
i factory reset my phone now everything is inaccessable
commented Nov 4, 2015 by anonymous
same problem cant get passed first screen after reflash?got into safe mode? same thing , can flash it does no good?
commented Nov 7, 2015 by Asa9510
Error is coming when battery level under 20% or 15%. I have reset my mobile but not it works.
commented Nov 7, 2015 by Kissysquirrel
My tablet has this message on the screen 'Unfortunately, the  process has stopped' and I cannot do ANYTHING.  I cannot turn my tablet off or get that message off of my screen.  So I am totally stuck with a useless Nook Tablet.
commented Dec 6, 2015 by anonymous
In my case it's little different.
I wanted to connect my joystick to mobile using usb/bt joystick center.
As soon as the app detects joystick this error message pops up and I am sent back to home screen.
Thank you in advance for those who help
asked Dec 6, 2015 in Android by wikiandroid (10,550 points) Lollipop : has stopped
commented Dec 23, 2015 by anonymous
Neither can I
Does not even let me choose and sometimes even does not get started
commented Jan 22, 2016 by anonymous
pls help me has stopped
commented Mar 3, 2016 by anonymous
I have an lgl15g, and I'm fairly savy with android systems and no matter what I've tried nothing has worked. I have hard reset it several times n that doesn't work. Just trashing the phone n buying a new one
commented Mar 6, 2016 by anonymous
Sounds fine but my phone won't even turn on.
commented Apr 29, 2016 by me
none of these work, i cant get past the lock screen.
commented May 27, 2016 by anonymous
I did the factory reset, and after that, the error started to pop up every single second. Now I really don't know what to do. I deleted the cache partition, I reset the phone (factory restore) more than twice, and still the same.
commented Aug 17, 2016 by Broadwayfan
My problem is my Galaxy Tablet. I can't get any home screen w/apps. The screen is black with '  voice' at the top, message about 'systemui stopped' in the middle of the screen. I  can't get Power Off to work. All I know to do is let the battery run down so it will turn off.
commented Aug 17, 2016 by anonymous
enters safe mode: Get off the menu and holding down the button on Off (the on-screen), will be prompted to restart in safe mode.
I hope at least you let them do that. Thus the system only loads the factory apps and not the user. Tests to go uninstalling the suspect to give that conflict and restart, so until you see the problem. If you use Xposed may be a module (me one gave me that problem, but do not know which).
Wipe Dalvik do and Wipe Cache from the Recovery is not over. Regards!
commented Aug 19, 2016 by meseret
unfortunately the process phone has stopped  
 samsung galaxy core 2 help me please.
commented Aug 27, 2016 by kang
my htc one e8 dual sim have same problem When i switch on My phone just keeps flashing black/screen saver & When i call at my phone number then show the message "unfortunately the process has stopped" I press Ok but i can`t do ok,Please help me
commented Nov 19, 2016 by anonymous
after I re format my android phone, still error occurred
commented Jan 18, 2017 by John
Mine failed after updating Google version (Jan.12,2017 release). Uninstalled update from Settings>Application Manager>ALL>Google (Unintall update) and it's working now. All the other fixes online didn't work, my last resort would have been Factory Reset, which I didn't want to do. I'm using Samsung S3 (SGH-I747M) version 4.4.2, I know it's old lol. That was the only update I did so easier to figure out, I only do manual updates. Hope this helps!
commented Jan 20, 2017 by anonymous
Uninstalling the Google App Update like stated above worked for me on the Galaxy S3!! :)
commented Jan 21, 2017 by anonymous
Just confirming John above uninstalling google app also worked for me- Galaxy note 3
commented Jan 21, 2017 by datboi_max
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and this message pops up every time I hold the home button to view all my open apps. What do I do?
commented Jan 21, 2017 by sloppy samadhi
John was the hero here.  Thank you!!  Thank you!! Uninstall google updates and problem solved.  Da man!!!
commented Jan 21, 2017 by Frustrated
I have a galaxy tab lite 3 and used the factory reset option and still have the same problem.
Any other options?
commented Jan 24, 2017 by Hot2malleigh
Had this problem with my Samsung Galaxy s4. Started last friday.

One website discussion stated to clear the partition. Scary notion, this is my only phone. But I did it and it didn't help.

Found this great information here, uninstalling Google App updates. Done this and my phone is back to normal!

Thank you!
commented Jan 24, 2017 by anonymous
I was getting this error when I held down the home key on my Samsung S4 mini to view recent apps. As others suggested, I uninstalled updates to the Google Application, and it fixed the error.

Thank you Google for sending us an update that breaks our phones.
commented Jan 25, 2017 by anonymous
I began getting this error, about 4 days ago, on my Galaxy Note 2.  This approach (uninstalling Google App updates) has worked for me so far. . . and my device is working again.
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answered Oct 29, 2015 by Dheeraj saini
I suffered from same problem 'unfortunately android system ui has stopped ' and nothing worked even factory reset and reboot, but I saw one amazing thing that when I kept it in thinking it won’t cure. In night I charged the mobile battery and switched on and it was magic everything was right, no error so I recommending to wait and patience and charge your smartphone-try to factory reset or reboot (if works)-and then switch on...
commented Dec 7, 2015 by rejah
I have the same problems I think this problem comes from Google its not fair to send this shit and confuse people somebody help me please.
commented Dec 23, 2015 by anonymous
The same problem
If something like this happened on a car, -did not start up-,it would be a worlwide scandal, but apparently nothing happens when smart phones are involved
I am thinking of throwing away my new android phone and buying an iphone
commented Feb 7, 2016 by osky (131,680 points)
Clear wipe partition cache and perform the factory reset
commented Jan 20, 2017 by anonymous
Thanks John, I was getting the message "Unfortunately the has stopped. I tried what you did.... Uninstalled update from Settings>Application Manager>ALL>Google (Uninstall update) and it's working now.  So the latest Google update seems to have been the problem. Thanks for sharing!
commented Jan 21, 2017 by Luke
Anonymous above me, this is correct. Uninstalling the Google App worked and now I'm having no issues. I just installed Instagram for the first time and this all happened, and whenever I pressed the home button that message would come up, my home screen would go blue, and it would send me back to my lock screen. But I uninstall Google App and it worked. Thanks!!
commented Jan 21, 2017 by cs
edited Jan 21, 2017 by Kevin
Uninstall google updates worked for me too
commented Jan 21, 2017 by Ali
uninstalling the google app worked for me too on a Samsung S4 thank you so much
commented Jan 22, 2017 by anonymous
I also Uninstalled the latest Google download and restarted my Samsung mega and it fixed the problem
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answered Dec 29, 2015 by Fidel rayd
I also got tha same problem and am thinkin of updating my phone coz i tried factory reset but nothing happened , my phone still daznt go pass the logo
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answered Feb 6, 2016 by anonymous

There are several possibilities for you to leave that ruling. I mention each and possible solution. You check if any of them or perform some tests and tell us if it has been solved.

You have recently installed an application: The cause may be some newly installed application, and in some cases the app's that modify the visual appearance of android as "launchers" are very likely to be the cause.
Solution: Uninstall applications that can or think you may be causing the problem. Do it more recently to date but prior to first rule out the latest applications.
Do you have access "root" or rooted smartphone ?: When your phone is rooted, you can modify all system files, intencionamente or careless. It is very easy to slip away any unwanted changes and to save the file, your mobile phone, no longer respond appropriately. It also often happens that we delete essential files by performing cleaning for S.O. (No "root" it does not).
Solution: Restore the factory.
Have you made changes to ROM ?: If you know change the ROM to your smartphone, maybe it's a beta, alpha, or simply incompatible with some hardware on your phone.
Solution: Switch to a ROM or problems you did not restore the version of STOCK (original phone).
If not any of the above: it may have been something inside the operating system, or a bad system update.
Solution: Restore factory

commented May 23, 2016 by anonymous
LG L Fino - Done all the steps..even factory reset yet nothing work. Screen stucked at the logo screen and won't even continue to boot up. Any other steps possible? Thanks!
commented Jan 20, 2017 by John2
John is correct from above

"Mine failed after updating Google version (Jan.12,2017 release). Uninstalled update from Settings>Application Manager>ALL>Google (Unintall update) and it's working now. "

I tried this and it worked
commented Jan 28, 2017 by Mishaa
Hi I have also tried  and it worked. uninstalled Google and it is working fine as of now went to settings of Googl ePlay Store and changed the auto update settings too. But don't know how to install Google search app again please help or advise I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT N7100), Android 4.4.2 version. I uninstalled the app but it what made it work normal and  what Google app i Uninstalled and it will cause problem to work normally.
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answered Jan 20, 2017 by Kendra
FIXED!! I have that this problem for days and tried a list of things even the factory reset. I tried what (JOHN) on here in the comments suggested that worked for him and it worked!! Thanks "John".  find John's comment that was just recently posted and follow his directions. I couldn't find the "google" app so I went ahead and Uninstalled any updates on any Google apps on my phone, Restarted the phone and viola! No error. I hope tall listen to John and try this before factory resetting phone or getting a new phone. Thanks again john.
commented Jan 21, 2017 by John Y
Mine failed after updating Google version   Reset to factory default and all good.   Had same problem several minutes later. You need to stop auto updates.
Thank you John.
commented Jan 21, 2017 by anonymous
John what you said to do fixed my problem as well. Thank you very much.
commented Jan 21, 2017 by anonymous
Thank you!!!
commented Jan 21, 2017 by anonymous
Isn't it odd that we all are having this problem in the last few days !!   I too, did the Google update uninstall and it is just fine now.   Thank you to John also from a few days ago.    So glad there are forums such as this to help those of use who are not "technologically savvy"  ... LOL !!      Went back to factory reset on mine just now and it worked ... thanks John and I too have the old Samsung SIII.
commented Jan 21, 2017 by jason (100 points)
John's fix (uninstalling recent Google App update) worked on my galaxy s4 as well.  No need to do a factory reset.  Thanks for the help!
commented Jan 22, 2017 by Sjt.
It would appear to be a Google introduced problem. So why do we seem to be the ones fixing it!!! Come on Google You are always ready to take the credit for good things and your service is good, so accept and put up your hands when something slips past your screening system.
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answered Jan 21, 2017 by anonymous
I had this problem and i finally got it to work on my galaxy S3. All you need to do for me at least is uninstall google. Gmail and google play and all thats fine but the google app managed to be the one to give me that error.
commented Jan 21, 2017 by anonymous
Thx- after everything else I`ve tried this actually worked.
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answered Jan 21, 2017 by anonymous
I tried all suggestions. Its Google. Go to settings, applications, all and uninstall Google. Or simply go to the app store and uninstall Google. It took  me 45 minutes, and even changed my home screen(?) But now its fixed, phone is fine . Just uninstall Google. Simple fix
commented Jan 21, 2017 by VKS
I had same problem of "android systemui has stopped" on my Samsung Grand-2. After trying for hours, I had no success. But, I just uninstalled the Google App updates and now problem is solved.
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answered Jan 21, 2017 by MiamiHeatBoy6
Hi! I have a galaxy s4 and I had the same problem. So I went in the application manager and I turn off "google app" and turn it back on and it the error went away.
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answered Jan 21, 2017 by B509
Just to confirm...Go to Apps mngr and Uninstall all google updates..... It worked!
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answered Jan 22, 2017 by Samsung Galaxy S4 User
edited Jan 24, 2017 by osky

Samsung Galaxy 4 system ui has stopped - tried so many things and uninstalling the Google App worked thank you!! yes

commented Jan 25, 2017 by Jim J.
my wife's Samsung S4 (SGH-M919) phone had the exact same message  you all are talking about, unfortunately android system ui has stopped. Error and i uninstalled updates to about 12 google apps and then i could get into the home button to clear out apps. all fine and functional. this included,
1. Turned off Google Drive
2. Turned off Google Partner setup
3. Turned off Google play games
4. Turned off google play music
5. turned off google search black bar icon.

6.  Uninstalled update -  google  Gmail email
7.  Uninstalled update -  google  account manager
8.  Uninstalled update -  google  backup transport
9.  Uninstalled update -  google  calendar sync
10. Uninstalled update -  google  one time init
11. Uninstalled update -  google  play books
12. Uninstalled update -  google   newsstand

thanks for the information John and others..

just a FYI My Galaxy S3 SGH-T999L has not been affected by this yet.... weird.

you guys rock. :o)
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answered Jan 27, 2017 by anonymous

Uninstalling the Google App fixes the error " has stopped" on the Galaxy note 2. i tried to install new roms several times but didnt help to note2. only remove google app


commented Jan 28, 2017 by anonymous
i experienced the system ui has stopped the next day i got it, its a galaxy s4 . i followed the steps of  going to app manager _all_google app. uninstalling the updates and then unchecking
the auto update. did that which i got the solution from the nice people who responded to the other comments and im glad i found this i was worried at first minus the fact i mess with phones alot but beyond that it worked did just as they said and boom it worked .
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