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Unable to play videos in full HD fluent

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Because the youtube from the original mobile browser at 720p and 1080 is very slow.
It is not supposed to have to go smoothly?

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I stay is checkered, I have not tried to use the browser youtube series more than anything that youtube has its own application that has never failed me
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Another pointless thread
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Manu PC your answer does not make sense, so responds with arguments.
HQ Mobile app from the maximum are 480p. I want to get to 1080p via HDMI.
Manu that enough reason?
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True ... no one can from the YouTube app on my SGS2. But for example in my SGS2 if I can play them in 1080 from the browser without problems. I connect to the TV and look d pm.
And see if we're a little more respectful of people asking guys ... It seems that you are already somewhat quemaos, and can not crease or the mobile to ask a question or a problem with it.
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