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Hello. For a couple of days my Android has begun to show an error message with the following: THE PROCESS COM.GOOGLE.PROCESS.GAPPS has stopped. [OK] After restarting the phone, I wipe it several times but no solution to the problem, including newly restored factory settings I went out the error, leaving the phone locked. After many tests, delete cache, etc... I discovered what the problem is generating the sync Internet into my mail account in the Accounts section and synchronization. This message flows continuously me to have this synchronization activated as soon as the stop blocks and the error message disappear. Any suggestions? What exactly does this synchronization? Regards.

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Good wikiandroid, have you flashed the phone ever? And if so, how long since the last? Why do not I still miss it to be a problem with any rom, if so wait to flash another to see how it goes greetings

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Hello raj, the phone is open source and all updates that have had have always been through kies and provided by Samsung. Currently ICS 4.0.3 Greetings
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sd maid test then it is an application that searches registry error and orphaned files, type ccleaner for the pc but for android, to see if any file by giving no compatibility problems can also do something else, try another email manager I Use k9 mail since I know no other use and if you want you can also do a clean application that is giving you the problem comes from the applications menu, the stop and you delete the data, then reboot to see if something this give a beat greetings
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Thanks raj for your help, anyway now with the internet synchronization removed the phone will perfect.
Rather I think it's a bug that has the 4.0.3 because the problem I have is with my email and synchronization, your phone with another email account works perfectly.
I'll wait for 4.0.4 to see ... I've been thinking for several days and I think all this has been brought to disable Google + from the PC. Regards.
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must saver that can uninstall applications that some may give such failures although it is the first time I would read that Google + gives these problems greetings and hope that in 4.0.4 it will solve
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Three weeks of suffering !. I finally solved the problem of process.google.process.gapps cursed. The problem was not finding the solution but to discover the meaning to the process.
The process.google.process.gapps is the manager of all Android applications, this is the key point of the problem and that in any forum is clearly mentioned.
Walking through dozens of forums on the Internet, including Google officers, one finds many solutions as simple as disable and enable the download process, clear the cache of some or all applications, data restore applications and so on.
Then one finds solutions specific to an application, then we see solutions to the calendar, downloads, the Play Store, and so on.
What is the truth behind all this ?.
The truth is that no solution is correct but also all the solutions are correct.
Because process.google.process.gapps when running an application or a process falls, NOT respond, sleeping in their task, the memory becomes full, and a long list of problems that can happen to an application or process in particular.
So how can I fix it?
The solution is very simple, you have to find what the APP or process that is hanging, sleeping, or dropped.
And that's where the solutions are read in all forums are valid or not.
It is correct to think that a suspended or repeatedly failed download can collapse the process.google.process.gapps.
It is also true that may have become trash in a cache.
It is correct to think that an update may have errors.
In my case it was the contacts, I have over 1000 contacts. In my despair I noticed that the synchronization of contacts not quite done, but seeing the contacts on my phone, I saw that everyone was. What was the reason ?.
I discovered that many contacts had strange characters in any data, emails with @ in their names, accents, quote or just appeared with empty names or other data.
What I did was export my contacts to Google format CVS, I opened the file with Libre Office (can use OpenOffice, Synphony or MSOffice) and spent a lot of time debugging the file.
Then I removed my phone contacts and my Gmail account.
Finally I imported the contacts synced.
Problem solved !.
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