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Hi very good at all, my problem is very simple but it is getting tired, not if facebook or phone yesterday eh I do publications, or put a picture on Facebook of my girlfriend and with surprise that if they tell me notify me the phone but nothing comes to get me: ' 
It's just in some publications and photos, my girlfriend for example could not see the photo that you post, but his sister if, and other friends too. 
ah to be that someone happens, any solution would be good to open another fb. 
I hope I can help, thank you very much in advance.

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Certainly problem occurs because of the application .. It is normal fault of some kind every update ..
Uninstall application and download it again

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Did anyone get this fixed? I have the same problem with just a loading swirl in newsfeed but will not load feed. I'm up to date with latest version and I can get on with safari. I get notifications and I get into my messenger just stupid that I can't get feed through app. Please help!

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Guys, I deleted the app and reinstalled it (for the 3rd time) and it worked. The facebook team clearly doesnt care which is why they have a standard reply to this post. I have been using iPhones from the time they have been launched and this is the first time I have faced such frustration with an app. The culprit here, I suspect is facebook.

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This was happening to a group of friends starting Saturday on iphone 5 and 6. Narrowed it down to a post from one of our friends in which he tagged the country Antarctica. once he removed his post all started to work again today Monday.. Very odd
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