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I searched in the cloud as selecting a date range but I have not gotten response
my question is can select a range of dates in android?

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to do what you propose can either use a pair of DatePicker or SeekBar. You also have the View calendar where you could select days. The options are many.

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Hi I wonder if you can consult a range of dates from SQLite for android, How is the handling of dates in Android-Sqlite ?, What should I consider? Some simply store the date in TEXT format YYYY-MM-form DD HH: MM: SS however if I want to make a query date range one TEXT not serve you? I would like to clarify my doubts, thanks
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SQLITE unfortunately limited to simple variables (String, int, etc). To save a date recommend using the integer format and pick up the Linux time (if you use Calendar can use getTimeInMillis () to get the Linux time, take a look at http://developer.android.com/reference/java/util/Calendar.html ). Java then you transform the Linux time in the date format you want.
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