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when trying to connect to the Internet through a modem me Error 633 mark and says that port is already in use or that the modem is misconfigured.
but the modem if properly configured. not to be due if anyone can help me I would appreciate.

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Do three things:
1. Check that the properties of the modem is not marked: wait for dial tone (sometimes fails).
2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, and searches the memory a process called something like RNApp, close it.
3. Go dispositos administrator. Modem and with the right mouse button click it and select Properties. Click on Diagnostics / Query Modem check if you ATI commands appear or tells you that the port is already open.
If after this you still fails, DESINTALA THE MODEM in the device manager. Test the modem properties to Uninstall the Driver tab. If you still appears in the Device Manager also uninstalled. The error 633 that gave you is wrong modem itself (usually controller, the 797 is going the same way).
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Error 633 Dial-Up Networking in Windows 8.
When you are traveling, use a 3G modem to connect to the Internet. At one point, he started 633 error appears stating that the modem was in use:
It did not help change the modem USB port. Or change the chip. Searching the Internet (with an alternate connection, of course) recommended to uninstall the modem and reinstall. Something drastic, and similar to amputate a leg and attach it slept by pressing a nerve. Finally, some research, I decided it would be best to restart the Service Manager remote access connections.
But you can not, because the options are disabled. Even restarting solves the problem because Windows 8 hibernates the kernel to boot faster. The only solution I found is to make a start failover. Another solution that works intermittently is to mark the service as disabled and reboot, then enable it again and try the connection, if the service is stopped.
The error usually happens when you stop the notebook with active 3G connection. And it is quite annoying.
ICS - Internet Connection Sharing does not work.
Since Windows 98 SE can share an Internet connection ... until Windows 8. One set all and does not work. No error messages. The machines connected resolve names (DNS works), but no connection: NAT does not work. The only solution is to restart the ICS service after connecting the 3G modem:
The irritating thing turns out to be a mistake creeps public betas of Windows 8 and have not yet patched. Is inelegant restart the service whenever you want to share the connection.
Noblesse oblige: I have not yet upgraded to Windows 8.1 because it seems a bit risky to do 3G, far from comfort, tools and bandwidth that I have at home.
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