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I created my first Android application and I compiles correctly, but when inserting a new XML file with extension I get an error message. What can be due?

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Hi If you want someone tries to help you, at least you MUST put the error message. As they say, the magic ball not have on hand right now
Here is the error: AAPT: res / layout / Mensaje.xml: Invalid file name: must Contain only [a-z0-9_.]
Hello Well, besides programming, you must learn to read and understand mistakes in your own case the error is telling you, if you do not know English, google translate reads: Invalid File Name: must contain only [ a-z0-9_.] That is, only tiny and you have called the Mensaje.xml file, rename it and put it in lowercase. Regards
I found a possible solution. It is not case sensitive issue. You must declare a "prototype" of the XML file. The cause of the error is because they do not recognize. The next review will explain the solution. Thanks for the help. I Understood what the error message dumped me. I know the language Ingl├ęs, but the problem: sometimes May be things for others.
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