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No devices detected. Please read the remote debugging documentation to verify your device is enabled for USB debugging.
How to fix "No devices detected." problem?

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  1. Download & Install Java SE Development Kit
  2. Download & Install Android SDK
    If you get an error installing SDK look here
  3. Enabe Android Phone's Developer Mode
  4. If you did not install USB Drives for your phone (LG G2 in my case I searched for LG Android USB Driver)
  5. Plug your phone via USB
  6. You will see "Pending authentication: please accept debugging session on the device."
  7. Click Yes on the device
  8. Chrome Menu->More Tools->Inspect Devices
  9. Your phone should be listed here
  10. Click Inspect

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I also had to use a newer version of Chrome that was on the device, so I downloaded and inspected with Chrome Canary.
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