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How To Screenshot in Google Chrome?

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They just have to press "print screen" on Windows to capture the screen. There is a Chrome extension that will allow us to catch any content from our browser without the biggest problem, besides allowing the capture edit and add text and figures.
The extension is called "Awesome Screenshot" and has lots of exciting features (also available for Firefox).
We will be able to make screenshots of the visible area of ​​a selected area of ​​the entire page or a particular image.
Once you have made the screenshot, we will be able to edit the image with a very basic but very useful options:
How to take screenshots in Google Chrome
We will be able to add text, boxes, arrows, and most importantly, we will be able to crop the image and save it in jpg or png format.
The images we hold are not very heavy, especially if we choose the jpg format (for now only available for Windows, Mac option is not available).
The extension works quite well. Staying "hung" rarely. Strongly recommended.

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