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Solution to "ERROR" MSWINSCK.OCX in Windows

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This may leave them:
Run-time error '339':
Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of STI Correctly dependencies not registered: a file is missing or invalid
Or in Spanish:
The "MSWINSCK.OCX 'component or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
(Not as accurate puts)
If any of you have this problem and want to solve, here are the steps you should follow
1. Download the file MSWINSCK.OCX
(It was not uploaded by me)
To download enter website> We give "Download mswinsck.ocx" - forward 5 seconds> We keep (Where we want)
2. When the download is complete (not long) we go where we saved the "mswinsck.ocx" file
We put the arrow (or what tengais) thereon, give the right mouse button, and we cut.
Then give to Home. Where we write puts Start Search "system32" (without quotes) and make a "click" on the folder (system32).
In that folder paste the "mswinsck.ocx" file that we had previously cut.
IMPORTANT: If you say that there is already a file with that name, give move and replace.
Since this post is "broken" and must be replaced by the "fixed".
3. We give Home again, where it says Start Search write "cmd" (without quotes) put the "little arrow" (or whatever you have) on the black icon (put something like this: C: _) and give right . Then "Run as administrator" and "Continue"
We will leave a black box like this:
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright <c> 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
D: Windowssystem32> cd
D:> cd windows
D: Windows> cd system32
D: WindowsSystem32> regsvr32 MSWINSCK.OCX
IMPORTANT: Bold what to write (the other and this post)
The bar following cd is a backslash, you can put pressing Alt Gr + (the button is on the left (<-) 1.
To move to the phrase below KEY "ENTER"
When finished writing the phrase "D: WindowsSystem32> regsvr32 MSWINSCK.OCX" we must give the KEY "ENTER".
Will appear a box saying:
DllRegisterServer succeeded in MSWINSCK.OCX
Finally give "OK" and you're fixed the ERROR MSWINSCK.OCX

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