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How to fix process android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly?

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ERROR "Stopped android.process.media process"
Hello boys and girls
It turns out that yesterday I appeared on my android phone the message "Stopped android.process.media process" and did not allow me or watch videos or go to the gallery, or listen to music or open downloads and because some research I solved it and I also realized that many people have this type of problem with your phone, so I wanted to make this post so that if someone feels the same you can assist ...
Well the point, as I solved?
The first thing I did was uninstall unnecessary and dubious applications, settings - applications - manage applications and then select the application and give uninstall
Later in the same menu (Settings - Applications - Manage Applications) I chose each of the other applications, and gave him the option delete data ... this option will not uninstall or you delete the application you just delete the data related with it, eg pictures, voice notes or shared whatsapp videos, it is important that you do most of all with those applications through which you share data and especially where shock because through them you could get a file you crash the system or that contains viruses ...
that you do on your phone, then you need to back up your memory card on another device, backup, I did mine on the computer, then copied all my files did not want to erase them and not lose and also I deleted some that were no longer useful. connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable and you touch the message that will connect you give goes to the "USB storage" option so the computer will recognize your phone as a storage device .. open it and drag each file you want to keep to a new folder ...
Once you have your backup you can delete files from phone to this you will format the memory from your phone, you go to "settings - almacenamiento-- erase board SD--
Noil and then turn off the phone and turn it on you will no longer give problems !!
connect it to the computer and copy all the files you've saved on your backup and have it ready !!
if you think necessary you can reset the phone to factory data before copying the files, doing so will erase all data on the phone including downloaded applications, but that's no problem because that did the backup where you should not forget to save your applications besides your pictures, music, videos, voice notes, books, etc ..
reestableces as factory?
you go to "Settings - Backup - Factory data reset"
with that your phone freezes when I was coming back you just have to put back your photos, videos, music, applications and other data which did copy and ready !!!
I hope they serve something
to me it worked and my version is ice cream sandwich
Luck !!!
If you have restored the factory and the error persists, it's quite serious. I advise you to call the brand and make use of the guarantee, little else can you do but change a ROM that does not guarantee a solution.
Very detailed directions. Thanks.  Only problem in the message will not go away so there is no way to follow the directions.  I can't back up, I can't delete, I can't do anything except click OK to the annoying message.  This started after the latest update.  Such annoyance.

I do not know if you've found the solution, but personally, I had the same concern, and I just quit all my apps (I had 7 in progress ...) and restarted one by one and it works . It may be a network overload.

Keep me informed.
First hello;)
personally I am in possession of the first Galaxy ... for 5-6 months now bring it back to the operator or I bought every 2 months, because ....
you guess?
but worse, all blocks and all I have to force quit ... email, sms, facebook, media etc etc ... I bring today the last hope: s
every time the exchange samsung owes me, but each time he tinkers something inside without SHIFT, and my turns, follows in 2-3 weeks without problems, and this again ...
is it typical Samsung or the androphones are of a buger and buger and buger?
Thanks for your comments
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When my kitkat stopped, I went and bought a new android lever.Two days later the kitkat came back to life and working fine. Gave it to a buddy who has cataracts cause he can see the bigger letters better than on his small phone. So, I'd say time healed that one, my buddy got a phone he could see better and I got a new phone. But just let lay a couple and remove adblock for future reference, and you and your phone should be OK.Cheers then.

Well i cant even connect my phone to computer with a usb cable or put a SDcard inside it as it will keepon poping the message out. Any idea how can backup my data... thanks
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