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Hello, I installed the Server on a Mountain Lion, to see if he could share network folder from 4 X iMacs networked ... but neither.
The point is that if I create a new file on the server computer to another computer if you can read and edit it, but if I create a new file on another computer that has the server to open it opens as "locked" and can not edit or save.
In the X server share the folder with all other users, but in others there is no such X folder to share ... but even user share ALL of the server user with read / write, but when I save the file (or drag) in the shared folder of the X server and can not be edited from the other ...
I'm sure I left something or do something wrong ... know that it can be treated?

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To learn the basics on how to connect your Mac to a Windows PC via SMB, see these articles and then read the notes below for you will find additional information and troubleshooting tips.
Support Mac OS X v10.6: How to connect your Mac directly to a Windows computer
Support Mac OS X v10.6: If you can not connect a Mac to a Windows computer
Support Mac OS X v10.5: How to connect your Mac directly to a Windows computer

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 Problem: file sharing disabled:

If file sharing is disabled: 
- we see the computer in the network, 
- you can not access the computer.

The following message appears: 
"Windows can not access \\ ... 
Check the spelling Otherwise, perhaps there is a problem with your network To try to identify and resolve.. problems network, click Diagnose "

 Enable file sharing:

This is only necessary if you want to share files or folders to other computers. 
It is not necessary to access shared files and folders on other computers.

- Start Menu, Network 
In a Windows window 
- click on "Network" on the left side of the window.

The following window appears:

Windows 7 - Network

  • Click on the tape. "File sharing is disabled Certain computers and devices are perhaps not visible ... Click to change."
  • Select "Enable Network Discovery and File Sharing"

We can now share files and folders on the network.


After enabling file sharing, we would obviously: 

  • share files or folders, 
  • determining access permissions (read and / or write) its files / shared folders.
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